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We lost Ginger in 1997, but I thought I should make her a thread.
You know in cat Books when you read that one of the common Causes for cat Death is The Dryer? Well that happened to poor ginger, what makes it alot worse is her kittens would have been born in a Few days, had she not went into the dryer to nest. We have no Idea How she got in the Dryer. She must have been under the clothes that were in there. My brother went down to get the clothes out of the dryer, and he found her, with her tail half broken off. I think about her everyday, and how happy she could have been now, she would have been 6. She is over the Rainbow bridge now With Blackie and Mow-Mow.
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Vader - that is indeed a sad story. I am sorry that Ginger passed away like this.
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Vader, this is so sad... I am sure she is well remembered...

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Vader, that is truely awful for you..... but she was well loved and am sure she is in a better place now.....
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