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Molly has a limp...

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While i was gone to Houston i let the vet take care of Molly. I picked her up and brought her home and now she has a limp and protects her left foot. I immediatly called the vet and they stated that she seemed alright when she left so i took her back up there so they could see her. The dr poked around and he said that it seems like its in her joint area that is sensitive. He told me to watch it this weekend and bring her back in on monday to get her stitches (from being spayed) out and he'll look at it again. He said that sometimes an infection can irritate old injuries or arthiritis so this could be the problem. I just hate to see her walking around with a limp. Its obvioulsy very sensitive because she whimpers when i come near her joint area. I just wish there was something i could do for her....and plus i needed to vent!
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Working at a vet's ofice, I know that cats can get upset while boarding. Is it possible that she may have gotten upset or tried to run and they had to catch her or something? That sometimes happens at our clinic, but usually with really aggressive cats that try to bite us and we can't hold on to them.....
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It sounds like a minor injury and she should be fine in a few days.
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It has only got worse...its gone from her joint now to her shoulder. They are taking xrays tomorrow so whats going on!
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Poor Molly! Please let us know how it goes!
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