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Back from M.D. Anderson

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Well we are back from M.D. Anderson, Houston is big! lol The doctors told my mom that right now shes not eligible for any clinical trials. We are gonna do the radiation and chemo for 6 wks, do a MRI and see if her tumor has grown. If it has NOT, then we'll continue the radiation and chemo but if it HAS then she'll be eligible for clinical trials. Without any treatment she'll have about 5 months to live so we are all for her doing anything to keep her around longer! The tumor is a grade 4 and is growing extensivly deep into her brain...we're looking at 2 yrs for her if all goes well and the tumor is "controlled" so i just wanted to update you all. This is very difficult for me but i'll just have to go day by day. Thanks for all the prayers!
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This must be so incredibly difficult for you and your family. Your Mom is most definitely in my prayers, and I'm expecting only the best.
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*sending healing vibes*
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sending healing vibes to your mom
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I am so so sorry. I KNOW that is not what you were looking for from the top treatment center. How do you even begin to accept such a diagnosis??? Just remember that the numbers are just that, numbers, and what really matters is your Mom, and supporting her, and giving her hope. You are at a top notch center, and they learn new things day to day.

My niece had treatment for kidney cancer, and was to be on chemo for a year. After 6 months she was able to end treatment, because the trials they were doing showed 6 months was all that was needed. (It has been about 10 years now, and she is still going strong.)

May God bless you during this holiday season. I am just a pm away, and unfortunately understand too well some of what you are going through.

Again, I am very sorry for your family. Remember, all your friends that offer to help, really do want something to do. You will end up overwhelmed with the day to day things to be done, so enlist all the help you can. It will help you, but also will help the friends.

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There is not much to add under such staggering news, except that use this board if you don't think you can handle your day. There are many listening ears here and lots of shoulders of support and calloused knees from kneeling in prayer-
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I agree with MA, you know were all here for you 24/7
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I agree with MA, you know were all here for you 24/7

Sending many many many hugs and prayers to you and your family
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I agree with MA, you know were all here for you 24/7
A great many people here have gone through similar situations with loved ones, so don't hesitate to ask for emotional support, or understanding if you're "mad at the world/fate".
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I agree with MA, you know were all here for you 24/7
You're never alone!
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thanks for all the support, reading the replies made me feel good. I have been feeling really bad because i havent had my time to let it all go since i was with my mom 24/7. I came home and kept myself so busy but when i started to slowed down, i took a deep breath and it all came. To be able to finally have my moment felt very relieving but at the same time it was very saddening for me because reality set in.

I know the road ahead is going to be such a challenging time for me and my by day is how i live now...cherishing the moments that i have.

Thanks again for all the good vibes, prayers and kind really does make a difference!
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Hang in there--I'll be praying for you and your mother.

Houston is big, isn't it?! Next time you are here under better circumstances, PM me and we'll get together for lunch
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My prayers are with you and your family.
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