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It's burning!

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All h*** has broken loose here. We're watching from our living room windows. A big apartment building on our main street is burning, and the fire companies and police are trying to get people out. Somebody must have been incautious with candles and trees. Please send vibes or prayers that they get everyone out - there are about 24 apartments, and I don't know how many people.
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Tricia thats awful I really hope theres no one seriously hurt
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Happens every year around this time. I hope they get the people out without incidence Trish.
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Robert went out to see - the apartment house has been "cleared" of people, and the fire there is under control, but the telecommunications firm next door is burning (down) - that's presumably where the fire started. I hope it's not arson - the owner has been involved in all sorts of lawsuits, also with the state government, and is supposedly a member of some sort of sect. Our tranquil little town has had several cases of arson, always of businesses. There's so much smoke it's hard to see what's going on, but thank goodness they got the people out.
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I am glad the people are safely out, and I hope you aren't having any issues from the smoke??
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How frightening! I hope everyone is safe.
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix
I am glad the people are safely out, and I hope you aren't having any issues from the smoke??
We've got all the windows and doors shut. It's awful, but the thought, "Glad I didn't get around to washing the windows before Christmas!" crossed my mind. I can see trucks and fire fighters from four different volunteer fire companies, and flames from the telecoms company. The apartment house no longer seems to be burning.
Having been through a house fire, the people really have my sympathy, and the fire fighters and police my infinite gratitude for the tough job they do.
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i hope no animals were involved in the fire

Im glad all the people got out though! that must be so scary esepcially on xmas eve!
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This is so awful, especially on Christmas Eve.
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I keep thinking of those 5 people who died in Cologne last night, Fran. That was probably due to candles/Christmas decorations. At least one cat was involved, but he has sought refuge in our neighbors' garage, and is refusing to come out from under the car. The youngest daughter (our cat sitter) saw him run in there, and shut the door, and then put a carrier with a blanket and some smelly canned dog food and water in there for him. He should be okay till tomorrow, when he can hopefully be moved into their furnace room (where Aki can't get him - he loves Jamie, but not all cats), or our spare bedroom.
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Thats really sad, Ive had VOX on all day with the movies and i havent seen any news, The radio stations didnt have any news on either today!? (i probably missed it this morning)

But that reminds me.. on the way to Hanau last night there was a building that had loads of smoke coming out of it
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Do you have cable? If so, you can get CNN, NTC, and N24.
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Yea i have satelite, i have CNN and n24
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Oh, how scary, and on Christmas Eve. I'm glad all the people are safe, and that the kitty found the right place to hide. Hopefully he will get reunited with his people, they must be worried sick!
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One of life's lessons learned the hard way.... I'm glad everyone got out safely though.
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The apartment building isn't too bad, except for the top floor, which is uninhabitable. Everybody else was allowed back in today. They have a lot of smoke damage throughout the building, but the water damage is mainly limited to the top floor. The cat, whose name I found out is Gismo, is fine, and back with his family. Desi taped a note to the people's French window, telling them their cat was in her garage. He was walking around this afternoon as if nothing had happened.
The other building can probably be written off. There were two scent dogs going over it this morning, so I assume the police are figuring arson, too.
I wonder how many television shows are going to be affected? It's the company that tallies up the votes for "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (German Idol), among others.
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what is arson?
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Originally Posted by fwan
what is arson?
Brandstiftung - deliberately setting fire to a building or structure. The company is Telekontor, Fran, which I'm sure you're familiar with.
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Now i get what you were talking about!
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