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Jay and Silent Bob

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Did anyone See Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back? That was the funniest Movie I have ever seen. Especially in The Begining! If Anyone saw it, What did you think of it?
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I saw it and I loved it! I love all of the Kevin Smith movies. Kinda warped, but funny as heck!
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funny - but I preferred Dogma
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Are you serious? That was an awful movie, in my opinion! What a sell out. All their other movies are great, especially Clerks and Dogma. But that movie was such an insult to their fans.
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Maybe because I am Roman Catholic that I found it hilarious. I thought it a brilliant satire on the "church".
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I think you are talking about Dogma, right? That movie was great! I was saying that Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was awful. It lacked the clever satire of the others.
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Alicat, I can see what you mean about Strikes Back lacking the satirical qualities, but I still thought it was a funny movie. Of course, I think I am one of the 10 people who actually think that Mallrats is funny, too. Sometimes it is ok to have a movie with no thought provoking themes, and Strikes Back is one of those movies.

I will say, though, that Dogma is my favorite Kevin Smith movie. I love the way he pokes fun at the church and religion in general. Only he would have put George Carlin as a priest. That was ultimate irony right there!
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Make it 12, my boyfriend and I love Mallrats. Jedi mind power! I can never see those stupid dot pictures though in real life. I think movies can have no point, like Rat Race. It was just mindless fun. But Strikes Back, to me, just fell flat. The jokes didn't seem funny to me. I was really disappointed.
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Well, I was pretty hammered when I saw Strikes Back...maybe that was it.... I thought it was funny how he brought back a lot of the jokes from all of the previous movies. I also thought the whole fight scene with Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) at the end was classic.

P.S. I can't see those stupid dot pictures either. And every year at Easter we bust up every time we see the Easter Bunny at the mall.
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I'll have to check this movie out. I haven't seen it yet. I haven't seen Dogma either.
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