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Zero Gravity

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Today I was playing with Titan and his favorite all time toy, the dragon fly. Here are pics of his technique.

The launch

The tuck, to reduce wind drag and achieve maximum height and airtime.

The last ditch effort to snatch the toy before gravity has it's way.

The landing. Missed the toy this time, but ready to go again.

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Haha! Very cute. You really do have some athletic, gravity-defying cats ya know! And you always have that camera in your hand, luckily. You know, like I and everybody said before, you really are an awesome photographer, and I honestly think you could win a contest with their gymnastic tricks and your camera skills and those cute, funny captions!! Well, as long as you still post them on TCS so we can see too.

Great job, Titan & uhh what's your name Kai Bengals??
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GRRRRREAT pics!!!!!
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Originally Posted by sweetiecat3
Great job, Titan & uhh what's your name Kai Bengals??

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Love the pictures... and am in even more with your furkids!!!
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Originally Posted by Kai Bengals
Oh, thanks. I've been wondering for awhile and I'm new, so I had no way of knowing. Still I those pictures.

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Hey....Titan seems to have some extra appendages in that first pic! LOL
As always, I love your cats and your photos!
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Very scientific!
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Great sequence of pics!!
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Great pictures!! Boy they really can jump high can't they!?
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Real athlete
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Wow, that jumping is impressive
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Awesome Pics!

Take a look at those claws in that one picture.
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Beautiful pictures of your gorgeous cat.
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OH MY!!!!....
First,.. you has an incredible Team of Kittys! they are marvellous!

Second, .... you´re an excelent good photographer!!! my all respects to you! ...

Thank you so much for share this with us!
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Fantastic action pix. You are a remarkable photographer!
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