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Make your won Cat Toys

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Anyone have any that they have made before that their cats love?
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Check out my website. They love them all!
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I read your question then saw your sig and thought that little guy was a "homemade" cat toy!
I've found that homemade usually = best! My guys love the little rabbit tail I found then attached to a long shoestring, still one of their favourites. And the piece of string with a little plastic thing that fell off my jacket zipper! They're easily amused.
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No, Thats Honey, and she is my friend Becky's gerbil. The kitten doesnt attack her, in fact, she pays very little attention to her lol.
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My boys don't touch my hamster either - he has managed to get out once or twice and the first time they watched with amusement, the second time I found him curled up asleep with bumper

The best thing I have made mine was a little blanket with catnip inside - way cheaper than buying them!

And any kid of thing attached to a shoelace (or just the shoelace) amuses them for hours
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I've been crocheting things with variegated cotton yarn -- it keeps me from eating while I watch TV! :-) I chain about three inches to make a circle big enough for a finger, overcast around it, then chain about 18 inches more before making a shape -- maybe a bell or a fan or a star or a flower. Then I move back up the 18-inch chain, chaining through each stitch to double its thickness, and tie off at the circle good and tight.

Sometimes I tie a jinglebell onto the dangle-shape, but I always use a separate piece of yarn, because the bells tend to wear through the yarn after awhile, and I don't want the toy to unravel. My kitties have great fun when I dangle these, and once they capture 'em fair and square, they always drag them off and hide them... which gives me an excuse to make more. :-)

I also make them for the shelter -- the dangle-shape can be slipped around a wire in the top of a cage and then through the finger-circle. I make these a bit shorter, so they'll hang at the right height inside the cages. It makes me feel so good to go to the shelter and see the little ones having fun with things I made for them!
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This morning I got an idea...I used an wrapping paper tube and cut it length wise, then taped it back again, so the tube was thinner. Then, I wrapped it entirely with tape so it wouldn't bend, and taped a piece of fishing line to the end. On the end of the fishing line, I taped a ball of paper to it. At first I used a ball of tin foil, but the paper seems to catch my kitten's attention more. Foxxy loves it! It really tires her out.
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