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Christmas Gift for Kitty

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I was wondering what everyone got for there fur kids this Christmas?

I got Katie a Cat Spa and some Cat Nip.
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Lily is getting a kitty condo for Christmas this year! I can't wait, I hope she likes it!

She usually just gets some toys or treats, so it's a big year for her!
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Wow a Cat Spa?? What is that? Sounds very nice and, uhh, probably very expensive. What a good Meowmy you are!! And some catnip too, your cats are gonna love it! What a Christmas they will have.

Well, I got my cats...

~a remote-controlled mousey toy
~various regular cat toys
~a new food/water dish shaped like a cat
~catnip toys
~a few bigger, unusual toys that are in a stocking

I think that's it. They'd better like it.
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mine got a new cat tree for their big present. i also got them some toys & treats, new id tags for their collars with their names & my phone numbers on them, & some cat cubes from target that haven't arrived. i also got a 3rd carrier that matches my other 2 - but that's really more of a present for me, because anytime they're in the carrier, they're going somewhere they don't wanna go!
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Jamie finally got a new icky mouse (a fishing pole toy with a black mouse on it; he has loads of others, but none has been quite like icky mouse, which is why it's "icky"), broiled calamari, a bag of crunchy kitty chips, and a new treat that he is going out of his mind over: Ziwi Peak "Good-Cat" Treats: Venison Jerky Treats. Oops - I just realized I forgot about the collar I bought him. Now I just have to remember where I put it.
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Sophie got a stocking full of Cosmic Catnip varieties and treats. Ought to be an interesting Christmas morning in this house!
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I don't generally go crazy with gifts for the cats. They have a gazillion toys, most of which they play with for a brief period when they are new and then ignore totally. They are very unpredictable with treats -- sometimes they go bananas, then the next time you offer the same thing, they look at you as if you just landed from Mars. I don't know how many part packages of treats I have, but I keep trying.

The thing that they do appreciate is catnip, and they are almost out of it, so they are getting a big new container of Cosmic Catnip, and assorted other treats that they haven't refused yet.
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Well, Kitters got a feather toy that suctions to the frigde, a fabric wand, two cat balls with jingle bells and lots of lovins... She loves her SS kitty toys she got too and just fell in love with the blankee she got!
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Kallie got a stocking full of toys.and catnip
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So far, Harley has only gotten his little kitty condo that my Uncle gave me tonight, I really hope that Harley likes it! He also got 3 new balls that he really loves, and some cat nip toys from my mom. I have not yet gone out and gotten him his stuff yet, cuz I wanted to be there when he got it, and I'm gone back home for Christmas so I'll go out this week & hit up the good sales and get him some new great stuff

Wow, a cat spa? Thats really awesome!
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Santa brought Chloe and Iris some new toy mice and one of these:

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that looks like fun - let us know how they like it!
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