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New Signature!

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Courtesy of Hope Hacker. I think it's outstanding.

Thank-you Hope!
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Beautiful, as usual!
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I just LOVE it!
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Here's the other one she did for me. Another fantastic job. I seriously had to flip a coin to choose which one to start with, I like them both equally well.
Hope is very talented.

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oooh they are both great but I love the other one!
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Fantastic job, as always, Hope!
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i can see why you had to flip a coin - they're both beautiful. i'm gonna have to get Hope to make me a signature one of these days!
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They are both fantastic!
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Wow! They really are both so amazing....great job Hope!!
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Hope, I love your eye for color and how the detail just springs out of every signature you do. Very very nice!
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I like them both - I can see why you had to flip a coin!
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Another beautiful siggy!
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Originally Posted by Kai Bengals
Hope is very talented.

No kidding!
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They are awesome! Good job Hope!
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They are both great! Nice work, Hope!
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That is one lovely signature, it really suits your gorgeous cats!

I can see why you love them and how hard it was to favourite is the one you have now
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Once again Hope did a great job. Both of them are beautiful.
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