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Lost Baby Girl

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Baby Girl had been with me since 1988, after my dad died. She was five years old when I got her. She moved with me to TN last July. After getting here new vet said she was deaf (I'd suspected). She was eating well, going potty, but on Friday she was having trouble. Then she seemed ok so I went to my Uncle's 69th birthday party over night and got home this morning and she was on the floor (not a place she usually slept). She was cold. After becoming hysterical, calling my sisters and two best friends and getting alot of advice, I called PetsMart. THey suggested calling the Animal Hospital. I got an emergency clinic number and they told me to bring her over. I wrapped her in a favorite towel and put her in a cardboard box (she loved sleeping on towels in boxes, baskets, any closed space like that). The clinic wasn't far and I drove there with her on the front seat (I'd never made her ride in the trunk and wasn't going to have her last ride be there). They were so nice giving me condolences and saying they would take care of her. My last memory of her will be sleeping in a box on her towel.
She didn't like other cats (especially my kitten Mokey) but Tobby my 3 yr old male was laying near her as if watching her for me. Both of them have been a bit more affectionate today, but still wrestling through the house making me smile.
Thanks for having this forum. It helped to write about her loss. I'm already thinking of a name for my new cat but not a replacement for her
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I am so sorry to hear about your Loss. My prayers are with you
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I'm so sorry. My prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.:angel2:
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I am so sorry about your loss of Baby Girl. She knew she was loved and wanted and she had a very long and happy life. My thoughts are with you at this sad time.
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Baby Gril lived along and happy life with you and now she is at the Bridge watching over the rest of your brood. I hope that you find comfort in her momory and joy when you look at your favorite things that made her special. You are in my thoughts.
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You gave Baby Girl much love and you gave her a home... I am sure she is happy at Rainbow Bridge playing with other ...

My thoughts go out to you...

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I am sorry and it sounds like she was a very loved and happy cat.

Why did she die? Are your other cats at risk?
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i'm sorry for your loss. i know how deep the pain can run.

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