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Giving cat pills..need help!!!

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My kitty, Sydney was diagnosed with a UTI the DR gave me pills to give to her 2x a day. I started this morning. Someone told me to wrap her in a blanket like baby, and squeeze her jaws. It worked like a charm this morning! But tonight its just not happening. My husband just left for Iraq, so I am going to have to do this by myself everytime!! I need help!!! Also she is a picky eater, so wrapping it in food will probably not work. I am going to try and smush it into some moist treats... don't have any on hand tonight...but I am not sure it will work anyhow. So any other ideas??

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Hi Tracy
We use a pill popper for our cats. You can get them from most vets and pet stores. It is long like a pencil with a rubber end that the tablet fits into and like a syringe trigger on the other end. Just get enough of it in their mouth and we click the trigger and it pushes the tablet in. I hope it works
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Can you get the meds in liquid form?

If you have a feeding syringe, you can cut the end off, put the pill in the end and then use that to guide the pill down the throat.
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Thank you all for the great suggestions!! I am going to head to Petsmart to see if they have the pill gun. Hopefully I will find something that works!! She is a stubborn kitty!
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i wrapped a pill in a soft treat ( broken into small pieces) and she just ate it.
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I've found that wrapping the pill in food or putting it in a capsule makes it easier to pop down their throat because they won't taste the yucky bitterness.
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Many pills can be either crushed and mixed in wet food (either a favorite canned food or plain meat, onion-free baby food), or if it is a gelcap you can open the cap and sprinkle the contents in soft food.

Another trick that I often use is to "scruff" the cat without actually picking him up. Most cats will go limp and then you can poke the pill down pretty easily.
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My cat is a big pain when it comes to her pills everyday. She knows she has to take them but I think it makes her feel better to put up a fight. The vet told me I could crush them in her food, or in the one pills case just pull the ends apart and sprinkle it over her food. mostly I put the pills on the end of my finger and push it to the back of her mouth and the hold her for a bit to make sure shes not holding them in her mouth.
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try coating it in butter, it'll slip down easier and mask the taste a little.
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