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Should i be worried?

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my cat is 5-6 months old and she has had all her shots so far at least to my knowladge. Today she had Foamy white puke. no food or anything else. I was wondering should i be worried? My little brother freaked out and thinks that Skye (our cat) is dying. I think its nothing to worrie about. She also had a respiratory problem and she does sneeze a bit.
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was she vetted? And is she on meds?
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Just to add to Hissys questions.....

Was the vomiting a one time thing???....How long ago did this happen??

And was she diagnosed w/ a resp problem by a vet....or is she showing signs of a resp problem that you have diagnosed yourself??
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Also what time of day do you think she puked? If it was in the morning she may not have eaten, which can lead to foamy puke. I had one cat on meds and everytime I gave them to her she would foam and puke. If yours is on meds you may want to start there.
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Don't panic. Cats vomit for alot of reasons. Sometimes they
just feel bad (like humans!). But, if there is a pattern, it happens
alot, or after eating or drinking... then its a problem.

Reasons to vomit are numberous - ulcers (yes cats do get them!), worms in the stomach (gross out!), kideny problems/failure, ate something bad (grass often is the culprit!)

Good luck and don't panic, afer you see vet!
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Thanks. Sorry after i logged of the forum i tried to check back and couldnt log on. shes fine now. She seemed fine 4 hours later so we just assumed she some leafs. of one of our plants.
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