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Hi Cat Lovers!!

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Hi, everyone! I'm Elaine from Denver and just discovered your wonderful site. I have two cats - Murphy, 9 years old, looks like a black cat until he goes into the sunlight. His coat is really a dark, dark brown that looks black in normal light. Then, there's Jynx, the old guy at 16. He's really quite spry for his age. If I don't clear the table immediately after meals, Jynx is right up there sniffing around for tasty morsels, which he never gets but never gives up trying. Both my boys are real gentlemen. They use their scratching posts instead of the furniture and never climb the drapes. I've bookmarked the site and hope to learn a lot here.
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Welcome to TCS!! I am positive you will love it here! Everyone is very friendly and seem to know alot about cats! I know what you mean about cats on the table! My 5 babies get caught up there all the time if the table hasn't been cleared, so I have to give them some table scraps, because I feel bad when I have to clear The Table and Take away Their food
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Hey there. I'm new to this site too. I found it yesterday when I had a health question about my cat, and it was answered within a couple of hours. Look forward to getting to know about your two cats.
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Welcome to the site! Yeah another Coloradoan! There are a few of us here. I'm from Lakewood, so we are pretty close!

Hope to see you posting often!
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Hi Elaine!! I have one of those black cats who change color in the sun. Only Xavier's stripes appear.

I look forward to reading about your kittes!
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Hi Elaine and welcome! Its good to see a new face around here. I look forward to your posts! Give hugs to your furbabies from me.
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