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POOP everywhere!

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My kitten is pooping everywhere. And sometimes he even decided to poop in the litter box. My estimate of how many times a day this little guy poops, is around 8 times a day. I cleaned out a room the other day and he hasnt pooped in there scince I cleaned it out of his poop.

But today, I found 6 piles of poop behind the couch. No wonder it stunk in here. It is just horrible. I am such a freak about smells too. I cant have smelly things anywhere. And this is so bad. I cleaned, and scrubbed everything. I mean everything. It smells better in here now, but I am afraid he's going to poop all over again!

I put Aluminum Foil behind the couch (a tip I got from here) so hopefully he wont poop back there again.

So what Im asking....WHY in the heck does he poop SO MUCH?? I have never seen a cat poop this much....and WHAT can I do to stop it??!!
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Wow, sounds like a tough one. I have a few questions. How old is he? What kind of food are you feeding him, and how much?
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I would want to know how old he is as well- a young kitten will poop wherever he is- that is until he is trained to use the litter pans. Also how much are you feeding?
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And he could have a parasite....
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He is 4 months old. He's a himalyan/persian mix. Beautiful little guy, but he poops ALL the time. And it is VERY smelly.

I feed him twice a day. A little hard "kitten chow"(Purina) mixed with some kind of kitten wet food.

What should I be feeding him?? Is there a certian brand you would recommend for his age and problem? I know there are "quality" brands of food, but what are they??
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By the way, He does use the litter box. I thought he was using it very well, because there is poop in there every day too. I scoop it out every day because his poop is so stinky. So it's not like he's picky about his litter box. Because its clean all the time.

It's just that he poops everywhere now. The aluminum foil seemed to work for the past 24 hours. NO poop or pee back behind the couch. But, I am afraid he's picked a new spot. I dont know where, but wouldnt you think he'd move to a different spot?

Because the first spot was under my daughters crib...Which was a PAIN to clean under. lol. And when I fixed that problem, he moved to beind the couch...
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I'm not sure, but I would be inclined to think it is a health problem causing the behavior problem. 8 times a day sounds like too much poo! Garfield survived distemper as a baby, and he was so stinky for so long. Also had loose poops for a long time. Maybe before you got him, your boy had health problems?
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They lady that I got him from said he had been de-wormed but that's it. But it's kind of funny. When she first posted him, she said she wanted 150 bucks. But then she had a second post which said he was free for the taking because "he missed the litter box once and a while" LOL!

I didnt want some sick-o to pick him up scince he was free. So I got him. He's super cute, and very nice. He's a great kitten, I love him to death. But the pooping problem is pretty gross. Im making the appt. to the vet for some-time next week. Hopefully he's not very sick. It would break my heart.

I just hope it doesnt cost a bundle too. Christmas made me broke broke broke.
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I would think there is a health issue as well. Have you had him vetted and fecal done? Also if you don't remove the smell, he will return to the same place about every three days to refresh his smell.

anti-icky poo is a great product to remove all the smell and break down the enzymes.
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He hasnt had any fecal tests done, though he's been to the vet.

I am going to bring one in anyways, even if they dont ask. I want it tested.

I am "pretty sure" that I got that smell out. I scrubbed, and scrubbed and scrubbed. With three different cleaners. Plus put that vacuum carpet stuff down, and vacuumed. It was "pet smell" odor stuff with baking soda and all that jazz. I sure hope I got the smell out. Plus I put down the foil all Around the back of the couch, and under it.
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I am very frustrated. This is so bad. I just heard him on the foil, and then I go over there to see what he's up to. And sure enough, He's peed on the foil. There was 2 piles of poop where the foil ends. Right at the end.

So he's pooped near the foil. And peed on the foil. So the foil....not such a great idea. Although it is easier to clean up.


I put the litter box in a different place. Hopefully he uses it now. I put it in a more secluded place. It WAS in our bedroom where he spent the first 3 weeks of his life there, and was using the litter box fine when he was designated to that room.

So now it's in the livingroom near the other litter box. Not close to it, but near it.
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Read the stuck thread in the Behavior forum on inappropriate pooping- and it doesn't matter what type of household cleanser you use, you have to have the type that breaks down the enzymes so the smell goes away. You can also put his food back there, he won't poop where he eats.
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I would also add litter boxes, lots of litterboxes. Maybe with the frequent pooping, he can't always make it to the litterbox. Or put him back in your bedroom to try the training process over again.

Hugs to you, it must be a smelly mess. I had that problem with Festie once, I think when she was wormed she had a loud poo that scared her from the litterbox, and so she was holding it and would end up in the corner of one of the kids bedrooms going poopy. Then that room would stink, so she would go in someone elses room the next time.

We put her in a cage for about 3 days. If we were gone, she was in the cage. When we were home, she was closely supervised. She never made another mistake. And she was not happy when she was pooing all over. I know people disapprove of caging or crating, but I think it can be very helpful if done with kindness. (At the time, my two other cats would go into the cage with Festie in the morning, because they didn't like feeling left out. I'm sure that helped her feel better!)
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If the poo is really smelly, I would be suspicious of coccidia. The person you got him from may have dewormed him, but usually that is a general dewormer that won't cover coccidia. Get a fecal asap! Good luck, keep us poo-posted!
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more poop. That's all I can say. MORE POOP! Everywhere.

He's pooped on the foil, peed on the foil. The foil doesnt work. I put another litter box in the house. Poop everywhere still. It's like a big smelly mess in here! It's driving me nuts!!

But he DOES poop in the litter box. But there's more poop away from the litter box than there is in it.

The vet is calling me back. For appt. times this week. I think he needs to be seen sooner. I sure hope he's ok!
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i hope he's ok too.

The only time we have ever had problems with my too are when they are startles when using the litter box or when Jupiter was little and he would be so involved in what he was doing he would 'forget' to go and end up running for the litterbox last minute and doing his mess mid-run! lol

have you tried putting litter boxes where he going? if nothing else it will kake it easier to clean
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His vet appt. is tomarrow. He's getting a bath tonight possibly. Im not sure if i should...DO you guys think I should give him a bath, I need to clean his ears, and that always leaves gunk on his fur, so I figured I'd give him a bath to get that stuff off, and the little tiny clumps of poopie off of his bootie. I was just wondering because he's been scratching himself a little bit, and will a bath make it worse??

Anyways, I bought the pet smell remover stuff that was recommended. It works good as far as i can tell. I used it on all spots yesturday, and today I came home from work, and it smelt great in here for once. (YES!)

I also bought ANOTHER litter box. So now there is 3 litter boxes thoughout my house, and that also seems to be working. One behind the couch, one in our bedroom(his new favorite place to poop) and one in the closet in the living room(he has access to it, theres no door to the closet, just a blanket hanging over it.)

He seems to like the litter box behind the couch the best. Maybe he was telling me that he just wants to poop there. Because that's where I found most of the poop out of all the rooms.

Any advice on getting a piece of poop for the fecal test?? Do i take the litter off of it? Do i put it in a plastic bag?

And dont forget the bath question....thanks so much guys!

Vibes needed for the vet tomarrow...hoping there's nothing seriously wrong with him. I lub my little pooper.
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You don't have to worry about getting the litter off the fecal sample. But, and I know this is going to sound stupid, if your litter is the clumping type, make sure you get a POOP sample, not a urine clump! I can't begin to tell you how many times that's happened at my clinic. It should be as fresh as possible, preferrably from that morning or the night before. It can go in a plastic bag, make sure it's airtight so it doesn't dry out.
About the bath, you don't have to give him a bath, but I know, as a technician, I appreciate when an owner takes the time to make sure he's clean before bringing him in! Why does cleaning his ears leave gunk on his fur? Does he have ear mites?
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He doesnt have ear mites, its just that the stuff I have to clean his ears is goopy. and he's got long fur so it gets in the hair thats by his ears.

His appt. is in 2 hours...

I just gave him a bath. He's all clean now.

Wish him luck.
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good luck, let us know what happened
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I hope he is okay.

Try leaving a little something in his box that he left. not a lot but like a pee pee clump so he knows that is his place you know. so he can smell himself.
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OK leaving in about 10 minutes. *for the vet*

Im so exited/scared.

I got the poop out of his litter box. Ever scince I put a litter box behind the couch, he hasnt pooped other than a litter box. hmm...

That's good news i suppose, but as his meowmy, i just feel somthing is wrong with him.

I sure hope shots dont hurt kittens. Im sure they hurt a little, but I never want him to be on pain.
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We are back from he vet. They tell me he has an extremly sensitive stomach. And that I need to feed him twice daily with 1/3 of a cup of quality kitten food. "I have been feeding him twice daily of quality kitten food though" I said.

Well then we got to talking about my other cat and the food he leaves in his bowl, which I leave for him to finish later. Which is different cat food all together. So they decided that my kitten is eating the left overs. And that is highly possible.

They checked his poop...she said (and i quote) "there wasnt any parasites that I COULD FIND" So I'll never really know if he's got a parasite. the good news is...he's not sick(even though i still think he is, but the vets word is better than my train of thinking)...the OK news, he's just got a sensitive tummy, and that's why he poops so much.

But he sure was a hit at the vet, because he's soo tiny and cute.
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Oh yea...I found out his breed too. He is a seal point himalyan, and much smaller than he should be for 16 weeks...

I did a search for pics of kittens that look like him, and this is what I found. This kitten looks almso exzact to mine.

I will have REAL pics as soon as the pics come on the CD...they will also have pics of my other cat Kipper.

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