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smelly cat

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The base of my cats tail smells really bad!! Does anyone know what causes it? Is this stud tail? How do you get it to go away! It is sick!!
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He may have a problem with his anal glands - ask the vet to check him out.
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Probably his anal glands are blocked or something... it happens in male
cats and fat cats - the vet expresses (drains) the glands and
things should go back to normal. However, could also be
an abscess from a wound... Definitely need it checked out tho! Vet
visit would be best.
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Everything they said. Anal glands. Need to be expressed. I hear it's pretty gross. and that you would want the vert to it expecially if you are grosses out easily. I have never personally seen it, but from the talk about it. I wouldnt want to.

Take him to the vet, that could most definatly be the problem.
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To warn you, most cats I have seen will scream bloody murder when getting their anals expressed, so expect to hear that! I recommend they take kitty in back so you don't have to witness it, it can be hard on some owners who aren't used to it to see...
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