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New to site and loving about my cat

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Just a question, my cat Cleo, often licks the hair on my head. I have been told by a vet that it is okay, that Cleo either see's me as a sibling or "companion" was her word. Does anyone else get this???
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to The Cat Site, Drew&Cleo!

...And I'm guessing your name is Drew, or is that another cat you have??

Hi, how are you?...

Yes, my cats do that sometimes, too. Just like they clean & lick each other's fur, since they are pretty close to each other. I think it's normal, and personally, I think it's pretty cute when they do that, but that's just me

Hope you have a great time here!

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Some of the commercial shampoos have animal renderings in them making them attractive to cats (scent wise) You can switch to organic shampoo and see if that stops the behavior.
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My boys groom me ocassionally, too. Usually my nose or my hands, though. Especially if I've put on lotion. Milo will sniff my hands, make a face like "Ew!" then start licking my hands like "What have you gotten into? I'm always having to clean you up...."
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It's fine. It's normal. I have learned through here that some shampoos attract kitties. I suggest to switching shampoos if you dont like this behavior.

They dont like Lemon scents. You could just kind of let the cat know that it bothers you, or move his head. My cat gets so much into smelling my head, that he burries himself in my hair, and falls alseep. I love it. Sure, it may get annoying after a while, but he loves you. He's just smelling you, and making sure your still the greatest person he's ever met.
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and by the way.

WELCOME to TCS. You will totally love it here. I do, and lots lots of other people do too. If you have ANY questions....this is the place to be
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Thanks for all the info, much appreciated, and I am sure I will love this site.
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Hi and welcome to the site.
Our cats don`t lick my hair...but sometimes do Hubbys while they are laying on the back of his recliner.....but he does`nt seem to mind, so it is`nt a I have no solutions to offer. Sorry!
We are glad to have you join us here on TCS.
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My Phenom doesnt lick my hair but she does lick my nose and eyes if you let her. She is also very into necking! she will lay across my chest and rest her head on my shoulder and lick my neck until i cant take it anymore!! she is such a sweet baby!!
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My kitties don't lick my hair because it's too long, but Kanoe sure tried! Toulouse goes for the face or arms. I think it's just their way of kissing.
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If my cat doesn't lick my head I start to worry.

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When my hair is wet my cat will jump on back and attack and bite it. It's kind of amusing, except when she wraps her paws around my neck and squeezes while she's doing it.
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My cat Peter went through a phase when he was kitten and would chew on or lick my hair in the middle of the night. It was a little annoying, but cute. He's since outgrown it.
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