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Finally found a home for one of the boys!

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If you remember the two little kitties a coworker gave me to rehome that we were worried had FIV (fortunately, they don't), I've finally found a home for Dash, the tuxedo. No one's wanted them because no one wants such 'plain' kitties (tux and solid black). But one of my techs just approached me. His wife wants a kitty, and they're going to take Dash.

I gave him the rules: Indoor only, must be neutered (I was planning on doing this next month), no declawing, and he has to call me first if for some reason along the line they can't keep the kitty.

I nearly had a home for his brother too (with someone else who overheard the conversation), but when I said no outside they balked and gave me the 'its unfair and all my cats have lived for dozens upon dozens of years outside with no problems', blah blah blah.

Nope, sorry. My rules are my rules. Indoor ONLY.

So, anyone in the Western Washington area want a VERY sweet solid black male cat, about ten months old, who loves other cats and dogs and is unafraid of ANYTHING?
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Congratulations, Ravyn & Dash!! And I send many prayers & vibes for the other boy, maybe your co-worker would be willing to adopt 2
Tell him that the Cat Behaviorist, author of "Cat Confidential" recommends 2 kittens! (Just don't tell him that she actually feels that indoor/outdoor is best for cats' emotional well-being. BTW, her book does has some great ideas for helping the indoor-only cat live a happy, fulfilled life). Please keep us updated!!
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I did try and talk him into taking both, but he said no. We'll see how things develop in a couple days and see if he's changed his mind. He's pretty confident, however, that one or two of his wife's friends may want a kitty too, so he's going to ask around. He's coming to pick up the kitty today and I'm all in knots. I took the kitty with the understanding that he was going to be rehomed, but he's been at my home for six months now. I know this is the best for him, to go to where he gets all the attention (and his own dog ), but I'm gonna miss him.
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Oh I wish more people understood the fun of 2 kitties at once! I always recommend it! (This, coming from mom of 7, )
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Oh, how wonderful. And yes, you WILL miss your baby so much. But it is so wonderful to hear about how well they are doing as they grow up in a new family.

Best of luck to his black brother, too. I hope he finds a forever home soon. Maybe once the "friends" see how sweet Dash is, they will want his brother.
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