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Jealous Cat?

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My younger cat, Murphy, is going through intense treatment for a skin condition. My older cat (Jynx, 16 years young) appears to be jealous of all the attention that Murphy's been getting because he's proceeded to urinate everywhere except his litterbox. We've tried hard to see that Jynx gets his share of love & attention, but nothing seems to be working so far. I realize that litterbox problems are fairly common, but I've never paid much attention to advice because this has never happened before. But now, I'm paying attention!! Thanks for any advice!

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You said Murphy has been going treatment for a skin condition. Is he going to the vet for this? If so he'd return home with a bunch of new smells on him(even if he dosen't come in contact with other animals) and this could cause your other cat to urinate outside of his box.
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That's logical. Murphy is going to a dermatologist and needs blood tests every two weeks until his medication can be adjusted to control the disease. They do lab work so he does pick up medicinal smells there. He's also taking medication which may make his urine smell medicinal, thus causing Jynx to want to avoid the box. I have 4 litterboxes in different areas of the basement, but how to see that Jynx gets his own personal box? Oh, what a dilemma. Now I really need help!
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Is Jynx neutered? If he is spraying, neutering will solve that and many more problems.

Has Jynx been to the vet recently? When cats have UTI they exhibit litter box problems.

Good luck!
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The few things you can try first are take him to the vet to make sure it's not a medical problem. Make sure you are using an odor neutraizer and the smell is really gone. Sometimes the stuff we use, covers it up to our noses, but they can still smell it. I would also try and add a litter box in another part of the house. You said you have 4, but are they all in the basement? If so, maybe put one on another level of the house. You can also start taking them both to the vet togehter. That way, they make the trip together and they are both smelling the same things.
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Thanks, all, for the good ideas. Yes, Jynx is neutered. He goes twice a year for his geriatric check-up. His last tests indicate no kidney problems, or thyroid, etc., etc. Our Vet said there's an outside chance that it's a coincidence and he might just have a weak bladder from his advanced years, and gave him some pills to try. Also, I'm definitely going to try the additional litterbox in one of the upstairs bathrooms.

Safron, what is UTI?

Thanks again.

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Sorry, UTI- urinary tract infection. They are fairly common in male cats, especially older cats. ouch!

I hope the medicine works and Jynx is back to himself again.

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