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My cat is an Alien

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Yes I think it is true. I don't know if this belongs here or not.

Pwne is such an odd cat and we always joke that she is an alien. It is almost like she doesn't know how to be a normal cat. She meows like she learned it recently and can't quite get it right. She watches and turns her head with everything she sees like she is mentally recording data. Haha it is funny.

Pwne doesn't even look right. Her colors and markings are very odd. I also think she is testing me. She gets into everything when I am home only. My bf said she is fine when I am not home. But when I get there, she trips me, opens the cupboard door 2 inches and lets it slam shut over and over again, she disappears and reappears 15 feet away (or so it seems) she creeps me out sometimes. Today I was bringing in one of my cats Noir and I saw her walk towards the door as she disappeared below out of sight. I set my other cat down and turned around to grab Pwne and she wasn't there. I called her name and she popped out from behind the stairs about 15 feet away. I mean to get there that fast she would have had to disappear! haha, it is so funny.

She doesn't sleep like a normal cat, she doesn't behave towards strangers and big rowdy dogs jumping on her like other cats would. She just doesn't care but she watches...

I know there are lots of cats out there that do some of these things...but she does it all and we call her an alien. she is so cute. Oh and her pupils don't dialate, well they barely do. Which is also creepy looking.

Don't click on that link, I tried to post a pic of her but it didnt work and that one is messed up. I don't know how to delete it.
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Ha Ha! Maybe she's been sent from the Cat Planet to check out us humans, see if we're worthy of making contact with. Tell her some good things about us!
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It’s funny that you say that your cat is an alien because I used to think that about my cat also. You might want to get your cat checked out. I don’t think that it is good that her eyes don’t dilate.
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You've stumbled upon the Cat Planet's secret plan to infiltrate and take over Earth!! You are doomed to be a slave to cats for the rest of your born days!! Hee hee
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cats have very active imaginations, and they are also quite a stealth animal....my cat Hobbs will seem to appear in places when I didnt see him go there...but watch a cat walk..you cant hear a thing .your cat sounds cute......and lots of fun!
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I had to laugh when I saw the title of your thread, because my mom calls Jamie an alien. "He's not a cat, he's an alien." He's quite adept at making phone calls (he loves the redial button), and she freaks out when he calls her long distance, and meows into the receiver!
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does he really get into the phone? that is too cute.
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I read a book once where the earth was basically a zoo and all these aliens would come and check it out.... but they disguised themselves as cats. I've thought about that book alot lately. I wish I could remember the name of it.

I've always called Captain my star kitty.... and sometimes the cats, no matter how "normal" they look, always look a bit "alien."
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i'm with you. my cat is an alien too. She just isn't very good at being a cat. I think she thinks she's a dog but she's never met one.
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