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Finally!! All "7" Together!!

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Must be a Holiday Miracle...finally able to get a pic. of all 7 of my fuzzy babies together:

Here we go...left to right...
Bob (not looking), Ashley (Persian Princess), Chucky, Chip, Allie (in cat bed), Buster (Persian King of House) and of course, little Elsie.

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Wow!!, that's quite the furfamily!
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Amazing pic! I cant believe that they all ended up in the same picture! Too bad Bob wasnt looking at the camera.
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Wow, it must be a holiday miracle !!! That is amazing; FINALLY, huh? Great job. And I noticed you made the famous Elsie Sandwich your siggy! YAY! I just love that pic, so purrfect and so cute.
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They must all keep you busy! Looks like a lovely fur family.
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I bet that is a sign of luck!
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What a miracle. Looks like a lot when they are all in one place, doesn't it! LOL!
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WOW! Great picture.
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You have a nice cat family.
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Beautiful!!!!!! Just beautiful....
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What a Fur Family!
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awww what a precious furr family you have
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golly you have a lot of furkids
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Wow! Bob, Ashley, Chucky, Chip, Allie, Buster, and Elsie, you're so beautiful! What a wonderful family!
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I Elsie!!!
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Originally Posted by Pombina
I Elsie!!!
Yes...little Elsie is growing-up and getting big!! She is now 4-months old...time goes by so fast!!
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Cute picture!
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