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claw clipping question

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How often should you clip your cats nails? Is twice a month enough? Do you guys generally do front and back or just the front claws. Is it fine to use human fingernail clippers....it worked well, just wondering if that is okay to use. I have the guilotene (sp?) type,but they are just so big for the kittens....they were my shih tzus when she was alive.
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Human nail clippers are fine to use on kitties. I do all four paws on my babies although many people just do the front...basically if the back claws look like talons to you, go for it. If they look like a respectable length, it's OK to elave them alone. Twice a month is great...I do mine once a month but that's out of laziness; they could really use it bimonthly.

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Check and clip the nails as needed once a week. Kitten nails grow really fast. The front faster then the back. You can use human nail clippers till the cat is bigger. I use the more scissor type of clippers rather then the dog type.
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I know my boys are in need of a clipping when the nighttime kneading of my arms starts to inflict pain

It ends up being about every week or two. I bought the guillotine ones originally too, but they were way too big for the kittens, so I ended up buying these tiny little nail scissors made for small dogs and/or cats. They work really well.
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