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Sore throats and flus

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My cat, Solomon, has had a throat infection for the last little while, but the vet said that it should clear up by itself. After finding this out, however, Solomon decided to run off outdoors and not come home for a nice long rainy night. Needless to say, he's sicker now, and I suspect his throat's hurting him because he doesn't meow or purr anymore, and he's acting pretty lethargic and uninterested in life at the moment. And one of his eyes keeps tearing up every now and then. He's still happy to eat, though.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what'll make him get well quicker? Any tricks or good snacks to help him out? Especially because I'm going away for the Christmas weekend, I want to make sure he's better ASAP.

Thanks in advance..
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I haven't ever seen a throat infection in a cat before. If the infection is bacterial then he needs some antibiotics. I would take him back to the vet.

If this is an upper respiratory infection then it will eventually go away on its own. Just make sure he keeps eating and gets lots of fluids. Feed wet food to get more fluid into him. If he begins to have green or yellow discharge from his eyes or nose then he should go back to the vet as he may need antibiotics.
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I would agree that a vet visit should be made before you leave town. Perhaps boarding him at the vet would be an option while you are gone? There is no telling what he ran into when he was gone and he sounds like he needs to be looked after.
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If your vet thinks it will go away on its own then hes thinking its a viral infection. But often viral infections turn into a nasty bacterial infection. Then your kitty will need a antibiotic. Being out in the cold and rain all night may just of made this turn the corner into a bacterial infection. You need to have the cat checked out by your vets again .
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