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Member titles?

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'Scuse please - where can I find out what the titles against the member names mean? I'm sure I saw something when I first joined but now I can't find it again! Many thanks ...
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If your talking about the "Kitten" signs and stuff, That represents how many posts the user has made, Like when you first Join, Your a kitten, then once you make 50 posts, your a young cat then when you make 100 posts, your and adult cat and so on.
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Thanks, Vader - I thought it was something like that, but I wondered if there was somewhere I could check where there is a list? I'm sure I saw one when I first joined ...
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Hmmm...You might want to try outg the F.A.Q section...It is at the top of the forums, in a grey box in between search and members.
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Thanks, but I did - if it's there I can't find it!
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Hmmm...Maybe you could ask one of the Mods..They might know more about it than I do...I'll try and find it for you, though.
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Ta ever so muchly!
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Up to 20=Kitten
20-100=Young Cat
100-299=Adult cat
300 = Alpha Cat
Moderators are Home Cats
Anne is Head Cat
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Ah - all is explained! Many thanks!
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thanks from me too !!
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Thanx from me three
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Ah, not so much to go, after this post I should have 91 posts and soon I will be an Adult cat, wow!
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If memory serves, you become a Super Cat at 700 posts.
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