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12wk old kitten

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Alright, I have 5 twelve week old kittens, (Born from a pregnant stray that we took in)
My brother is adopting 2, and I will probably be keeping the other 3. I do have a bit of a problem with one of the kittens though, all the kittens are friendly and not afraid of people except for one (Cypress) Cypress has gotten the same amount of attention and treats and what not as all the other kittens, if not more, because she has been fairly timid all her life. It is very irritating, as she is always hiding when people are around, and I'm just concerned that she is literally living in fear....I mean I have nooo idea why she is like this, she's been treated the same has her sisters and brother her whole life.
If anyone could give me advice on helping her come around, that'd be great....thanks.
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Cats are like people they all have different types of personalities and temperments. If shes not ill then she just maybe more timid then her litter mates.
Respect your cat's personality and try not to be irrated by it. If you find that this type of behavior isn't what your looking for in a cat. Then rehome her in a good caring home more quiet. Some cats prefer a quieter home and being the only cat. Shes a good age to find her a good home.
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If she chooses to hide, she has her reasons. Don't become irritated with her because she won't conform to what you want. I have several that hide when company arrives. I just let them hide, they come out when the company leaves and that is fine with us.

Perhaps instead of keeping this one kitten you can find a home where the kitten will be a solo animal and therefore not want to hide all the time.
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It's not that I'm irritated because of her personality, I'm irritated because I hate that she is not very happy - I love my pets like my kids and can't stand when they are not happy
I may look to find a home for her, it's just that I've already tried and I guess maybe I am too picky about the home that they go to - I refuse to send them to a home where the cat is going to be a gift to someone else....or is for a kid to "learn responsibility"....or is going to be let outside without leash...etc...She probably would be happier in a quieter home though - Guess I will look again, and continue working with Cypress.
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I had a cat for 15 years (she passed away a couple of years ago) that always hid when we had company. It didn't bother me as she always came out right after everyone left and was chummy with me. I always made sure she had access to her favorite hiding places and I figured I would let her be. Now I have two that are so friendly that I have to pay attention to where they are at so we don't accidently lose them through an open door.
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This type of behavior doesn't mean that your cats unhappy. Shes just isn't as outgoing of a cat. She maybe just as happy as the rest of your cats.She just doesn't like strangers and prefers to stay away from them. Don't rehome her just because of you thinking this type of behavior means shes not happy.
How does she act when theres not any company? Does she come to you? does she like you to pat and purr when you do? If she does all this then I bet shes happy right where she is.
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No, that's the main problemis that she is afraid of me too. Well not necessarily afraid of me, but she is sure to keep her distance. I know cats are nothing like rabbits, but seeing as I am so used to house rabbits, who do not like to be grabbed or picked up, I have never really grabbed these kittens either, mainly have just sat on the floor in their room and given treats and yummies and scratches to them when they'd come near me. I've owned cats for 8 yrs, and have never dealt with a kitty this timid before I love her to bits, but am just not sure if I am suddenly doing something wrong. I have an 8 yr old cat right now, and she is the same about the company thing (Hates strangers, she will hide when they come, or when the place gets loud) But she does come out afterwards, and enjoys being lavished with attention. Cypress is just....different....I can't (and won't) force her to sit with me and be pet, but I also don't want her to go her whole life without human contact (By keeping her, of course I would still be around her as all my cats are house cats, but just not sure if she would ever want affection. I guess I'm just so bent on the horrible idea of people owning any pet without giving it attention that I don't want her to live without attention, even though she doesn't seem to want it. Not only that, this place is a ruckus, with their mother who we are spaying and keeping, and 2 of her sisters that will also be staying here, plus 2 other adult cats, 2 large dogs, 2 small dogs, and 4 free-roam litter trained rabbits (soon to be 6) just wonder if it might just be this place that scares her....
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try this-

Put her in a room by herself for about 20 minutes but go in and just lay down on your stomach on the floor. Tuck your hands in close to your body and just lay there with your eyes closed. Let her approach you and don't move when she does. Let her crawl all over you. If the first time you do this, she totally ignores you this is fine, because this is normal for this kitten. Next time, before you try this, get an old t-shirt and spray it with feliway spray then put it on. Then go and lie on the floor the same way.

You just want to show her that you mean her no threat. You are bigger than she is, so when you get down to her level, avoid staring at her, and remove your hands (they grab) from the equation, it allows the kitten/cat to be able to trust you. Every time you get up, before you leave, place small meaty treats in the impression your body makes on the floor.
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Thanks Hissy, I will definetley try that
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