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Timmy...likes me? Maybe?

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So I took my semi-feral cat, Timmy, to my work the other day because I thought he had an eye infection. I had to trap him in a room where I could easily access him, and it was not easy at first because he runs when I approach. But, he ran into a carrier and crouched there so I was able to put the door on quick. Well, at the clinic he was all tense with fear and hiding under the blanket and in the crook of my arm when I picked him up. But he did fine, and no infection, probably just something got in the eye. Worrisome mommy I am. Anyway, when I got him home, I held him in my lap for about 10minutes after I had gotten him out of the carrier. He didn't try to run, and a while later he just non-chalantly slowly stepped off my lap and walked off. I thought though, that this was going to be a huge set back for "the circle of trust" that was sort of established. Not so...he comes around me more now than he ever did, and I was sitting on the bed putting socks on yesterday and he walked in and sat down right at the side of the bed and looked at me. (So I just took his picture) He gets closer now when he approaches and doesn't run away as fast. Right at this moment, he is sitting about 5 feet from me, staring at me. Why do you suppose this is? I thought we'd have to start over after the vet visit, but he seems to like me more now??
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Hip hip hooray! timmmy is getting the message you aren't all bad -
and hey, maybe its nice to be loved, LOL!! I think Timmy is
reaching out to you. Next time he starts getting close and
staring, meow at him, or get string and play or give him a catnip
toy (anything to make him associate closeness and you with
GOOD stuff, LOL!) Eventually, he'll probably start demanding
pets too! Merry Xmas!
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Thanks! The thing with Timmy is, he doesn't play with toys. I found him around 5 months old from outside, and I don't think he was handled before that, much less played with. I try to entice him all the time and he's scared of the toys and even the laser pointer. BUT, he WAS actually playing with a mylar ball yesterday morning, which really surprised me. What he likes is FOOD. I toss him a little tidbit here and there (which I don't do with the others) of healthier stuff I'm eating, chicken, fish, etc. And since I started giving canned, he really likes that too so more reason for him to love me...
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Excellent! Food is a great motivator, LOL. Timmy will come around,
you'd be surprised. IMHO Orange tabby cats are usually very
outgoing and friendly... (tho they usually want to be TOP cat,
lOL). Good luck with it. Keep some pounce treats nearby,
and toss one or two when he does the sitting near and staring
behavior... just to let him know.. you noticed him!
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Cats, who can figure them out? In my early 20's, my parents had a cat who was fully tame, but just kind of "nasty". She just was not a nice kitty. Well, she had long fur, and got very matted at one point. I spent several hours, over a few days, cutting and combing out those mats. I held her by the scruff of the neck at points to imobilize her. It just was not a nice interaction, but did take care of her problem.

After that, she loved me. She would jump on my lap and purr. Just became a lovebug to me. And I don't think it was that she realized I helped get rid of the mats. It was just a kitty thing, I think. Maybe before she was a little scared of me, and after she thought, "Is that the worst you can do?!"

I'm glad Timmy had a breakthrough. It really does your heart good to have trust from an animal that you are so in love with, doesn't it?
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I've noticed this too. It seems they forget that it was you who took them to the vet in the first place, but think that it was you who "rescued" them from the vet.

Go figure.

How's Timmy doing now?
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That's what I was wondering...does he think I rescued him from the vet and now he loves me??? Weird! But awesome. He's warming up more and more every day. Yesterday he jumped up on the bed while I was in it! He did that ONCE since I've had him, and that was the night I brought him back home from being neutered. He slept by my side the whole night that night! Now I can actually walk by and he doesn't BOLT away!
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Awesome! Way to go Timmy! Let's hope he has a long memory, and continues to "thank" you for "rescuing" him!
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Woah! I was just sitting on the couch watching tv and Timmy came out into the living room, which he will rarely do if I'm in there, and he walked all around and then he jumped up to the back of the couch and then down next to me, and I reached out my hand slowly and he headbutted me! And then he let me pet him and kept chinning my hand! THEN he laid down next to me! I'm so happy, my little guy is finally coming out of his shell! I love him!
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Awesome news Shannon!!! He is starting to trust you!!
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