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Kitty sniffles

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Arizona has another cold. She's sniffling, sneezing, coughing, etc. Any suggestions for things I can do to make her a little more comfortable? Thanks!
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There's not a whole lot you can give a cat. The best thing is just to get them to the vet and on some antibiotics.
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First of all I would I would have some tests run on her to see if this cold is a cold or maybe it could be a disease. I have several cats here that have a runny nose, runny eyes, coughing at times, etc. And I have had them checked repeatedly for everything including Rhino and FELV. Everything comes back negitive. They wanted to take one of our cats in for science to figure it out but we dont have the heart to let our kitties become science experiments. Not all of them have it. Out of 16 cats 4 seem to be immune. Out of the 4, 3 were brought into the environment and 2 are the mothers of the others. Its not a genetic thing either because one of the 4 that dont have it was a stray we adopted and she was pregnant when we brought her here. Now the kittens have it but she doesnt.

Anyhow, you never know what it could be, or left untreated what it could become. Get your babes in for a look over.
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well... I took her in the last time she had this.. and the vet opined that she probably just has chronic URIs (she had a really bad one while she was in the shelter) and advised not bringing her in unless it looked serious, i. e. weird discharge, change in behavior, etc. She's fine otherwise, just sneezing occasionally, and has improved over the past day. I'm wondering if a humidifier might help with the sniffles?
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I doubt it but its worth a try.
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Oh, poor kitty! I used to have a cat with chronic URIs. I took her in the bathroom with me when I showered, with the door closed, to steam her. I also washed her face, especially around the eyes and nose every night. I gave her garlic in her food. That all seemed to help some. Poor sniffly kitty!
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Hmm...the idea of adding garlic to breath that is already kitty-foody is a little scary...but I will try to close the door while I'm in the shower (she usually supervises me, anyway). She does not approve of washing assistance of any kind, but I'll try giving her nose a wipe or two. Thanks guys!
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