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feral cat has broken paw

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my mom stays at my grandmal's house to take care of her. they were feeding a cat then the cat brought her 2 kittens with her. so they had all three spayed and they still feed them and they sleep out in an old outhouse with straw. but one of the kittens has a broken paw. is it cruel to let this kitten live with this broken paw? i'm sure fixing or amputating it would be expensive. we're not a "rich" family how much money do you pour into these ferel cats that could disappear tomorrow? if it is cruel to let it live with a broken paw then should it be euthanised?
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Call around the vets in your area, explain what you want, and
that you don't have much money, but are willing to pay on
a payment plan... see if there is someone who would work
with you? If you can donate your time to the clinic to
"work" off the debt, by walking dogs, helping clean the kennels
out etc, a nice vet might take care of this baby...

He/she definitely needs the paw to be looked at...

Bless ya all for fixing and feeding... and giving shelter...

Merry Xmas and sending good vibes for getting the
kitten seen to!
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What a rough situation! Opilot is right, it will take a vet to know exactly what's wrong, and I know that getting a feral to the vet is a challenge in itself, let alone pay for the visit! If you cannot get the vet to take payments, then there are some websites that sometimes offer financial assistance, if you qualify.
I had rescued a cat earlier this year & I thought that she had a broken paw since she could use only 3 legs, it turned out that her nails had grown long, and had become imbedded in her paw pads - she really bled badly when the vet removed the nails, and the cat was so starved & dehydrated, the vet couldn't sedate her
If the hurt kitty has food & a safe place to avoid predators, such as roaming dogs, coyotes, owls & mountain lions, then it may heal itself, esp. after vet care.
May you & your mom & grandma be extra-blessed for caring for these cats!
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