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Olympic Hopeful

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Every good gymnast knows how important it is to stick that landing. Here, Penny shows how to keep your eyes on the landing zone.
You can see how high off the ground she is by looking at the size of the cat below her. The girl can jump!

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What an athletic kitty!
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That is a great picture!
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Oh my gosh!
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You take some great photos! I always enjoy seeing the antics of your beautiful Bengals.
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WOW! I never knew you were such the gymnast, Penny! That picture is just too funny I love it!! The captions are cute, too. She does the funniest things, huh? Just look at that expression on her face. She really takes this seriously haha! And you always seem to capture her at the right moment.
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Wow! Great picture!! Ha, I always love seeing your bengal pics!!
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Wow that's a wonderful picture! My camera can't capture sharp pix when the cats are in motion unless it's put on flash, and the flash takes a million years to materialize so by the time the shot's taken my cats are on the ground again looking at me like I'm crazy
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The Amazing Cat Cannonball!

That is too cute!
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That is a neat photo!
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A perfect 10, Penny!
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Oh my gosh i really love that picture! Your cats are so beautiful!
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how cute.........i always enjoyseeing pics of your bengals they always seem to be doing something way cute and athletic
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That picture is hilarious!!!
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Penny is adorable!
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