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I feel terrible...

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I'm working from home and when I first sat down at the computer, Carly wanted lots of loving and to be held. She started chewing on my hair (for some reason she likes to do it when it is wet) and my ear. I was trying to take care of an important email so I put her down and she started meowing and kept trying to get on my lap. I snapped at her and I feel absolutely terrible now. I really do try to be patient with them and not take my moods out on them.

How do I make it up to my little girl? I can't go overboard on treats because she is kind of pudgy.
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Cajun does that to me EVERY time I sit down here, and it is kind of annoying sometimes. I would just love her up a bit, I think they usually forget pretty fast.
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I'd say that a great big hug and lots of kitty kisses would do the trick!
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Cats really don't take these things as hard as people would. I put my cats off my lap and desk all the time ("Ozzy, get down. Ozzy, get down. Ozzy, get DOWN. Ozzy, GET DOWN!!") and they don't seem hurt by it in the slightest.
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If she is getting pudgy and you want tomake it up to her I would say an hour of play time is in order! LOL
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Oh i know how you feel.
MY little furbearing alarm clock gets me up every morning way before the real alarm. It is the sweetest thing and I would not change it for the world the way little Sleevo wakes me up for her morning meal. She is so dear and precious to me out of my 4 cats.
just last tuesday, she woke me up and I just wasnt in the mood, being tired and stressed for the holildays, I snapped at her and gave her a big push off my chest. Poor little lamb, ran and hid and i didnt see her until late after i got home that evening. ALL DAY i felt crushed and horrible about it.
But that next morning Wednesday, there she was again waking me up with her kisses and noises.
She got the best lovin i could give her without waking the wife. And i was late for work from carrying her down to her bowl and warming up the plate for her and doing all i could to get rid of the guilt i was feeling.
It wasnt until that next morning that i realized she had long fogotten and forgave me. I had that epiphany while i was once again given my morning bath at 4:30 am Thursday.
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Plenty of loving because they give it to us unconditionally
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Ok - I guess all is forgiven. She just came down and did some cuddling. I just can't forget her looking at me this morning when I snapped at her and the way she stopped purring.

Thanks for the kind words.
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
I'd say that a great big hug and lots of kitty kisses would do the trick!
...this sounds sooooooooooo tender and lovely! ...

do it!
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This has happened to all of us at some point, and we understand the guilt you're feeling today. Extra love to Carly today, and lots of hugs for her Mom!
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Aw sweetie, not to worry - cats forgive and forget really quickly
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