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Princess Alexis

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I am sorry to be such a pain, but I am trying to find ways to make my girl drink more water to help with the UTI.

I gave the cats their weekly treat of tuna water, and she scarfed that stuff down like she was dying of thirst. (They have a two gallon bucket of water that is changed twice a day.) How would it be it I gave her some diluted tuna water each day to help her get more fluids into her? If the tuna can holds like 2 oz of tuna water, add two or two and half oz of water to that and see if she drinks that up?
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floating toys and ice cubes in the water to increase interest

using only stainless steel and ceramic dishes, avoid plastic

thoroughly disinfect dishes with warm soapy water regularly to get rid of mildew smell and taste

replenish 2-3 times a day with cold tap water, refridgerated water, distilled water- whichever your cat likes best

get a kitty water fountain

give your kitty her own bedside glass of water- most cats like to drink from their owners bedside glass

multiple dishes throughout the house

feed wet food

add water to dry food

I'm sure more will be along shortly to add to this list!
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How about a drinking fountain?
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I also forgot to add that cats like to drink from wide shallow dishes so that their whiskers don't hit the side of the container when they drink. (think about a lion drinking at a watering hole) I like dog dishes filled to the brim for cat water dishes.
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Thank you all, I will stop by PetsMart on the way home. You guys are wonderful, thanks.
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Definitely, put water dishes in random places around the house. Cats often prefer to drink someplace other than where they eat. Plus they seem to like anything that seems "different".
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