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One cat too fat, one cat too thin!!!

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Got another question. Grace is 3 years old and weighs almost 6 pounds. Cassie, on the other hand, is 7 months old and weighs almost 7 pounds!! The vet said to limit what she eats. I tried doing this, but then Grace would go to the food bowl and see that nothing was in there. I want Grace to eat if she is hungry, but how can I do that without Cassie gobbling it all down? Cassie gobbles down her bowl of food in the morning, and then goes and waits behind Grace. She knows that Grace will not finish her food, so when Grace leaves, she gobbles that down too. Help!
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I am not so sure I would worry about the 7 month old just yet. Depending on the background of the cat, it may be a larger than average cat.
If you feed them at set times, I would just put the two of them in seperate rooms during feeding times and then pick up the bowls when they are done.
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I would have to agree. Put them into seperate rooms to eat or if you have a cat carrier (pet taxi) put one in there with her food while the other has her own in the usual area. This way one cant get to the others food. I had to do this when we had a cat that was sick and she could only eat soft foods, drove the others nutty but at least she could eat without others helping her finish it. Good Luck!
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Seven pounds at seven months does not seem out of line. Shoot, I have one that was 8 pounds at 4 months! You really can't compare her to Grace, either, because they may have different frame sizes and body types.

I have one who is 10 pounds and another who is 9 pounds. Guess which one is chubby? The 9 pounder!

Also, at seven months, Cassie is still growing, and limiting her nutrition at this point might not be a good idea.

Perhaps increasing her exercise might be better, as well as giving Gracie a few extra treats all to herself.

Why did your vet feel like Cassie should be limited? Was it mentioned?
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Just a quick little note about the weight thing I've seen cats who've come in around spay time who weigh about 7 or 8 pounds and the doctor will warn the owner about watching the cat's weight because after their spayed some tend to gain weight and 7 pounds can be pushing it on a small framed cat. Not sure if this is the situation with Cassie or not but I figured I'd add that.
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