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Socks again?

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I'm looking for some last minute gift ideas for three of our older, not-so-with-it-anymore Sisters. Every year I get them same thing - warm, fuzzy socks. I'd love to get them something different, but can't think of anything of they could possibly need or want. These sweet ladies recently moved into our retirement center and have all their needs taken care of. They each have their own rooms, but limited space. One thing they don't need is hand/body lotion. When we moved them, we found they each had dozens of bottles of it, along with enough soap, deoderant, toothepaste and toothbrushes to supply the whole retirement center. Yes, they tend to save everything!
Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!
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hmmm... bathrobes, pajamas, picture frame, a plant, a cute figurine? My husband's great-aunt was in her late 80's and as part of her Christmas gift one year we gave her a cute cat figurine. She adored it and showed it off to everyone that came to visit.
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I have the same problem with shopping for my grandpa.... he saves everything and anything that I buy him, he puts in a drawer and we never see it again. So I've stopped buying him clothes, since it seems he has enough. This year, I've decided to get him food products. It may seem weird, but he does like to eat, so I bought him a Hickory Farms gift package and a big bag of assorted chocolates, both of which I know he likes. I figure he can't save food forever.
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What about lottery tickets, the scratch off kind or play their birthdays! I give these every holiday, birthday, etc. and people love them!
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How about some pretty hankies??? A an inexpensive throw/blanket for them??
We always ended up getting my in laws food too.
Or books with word games in them??? Jigsaw puzzles??? Magazine subscribtion??
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Gift certificates? Books? Stationery?
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Well, I have this "thing" for socks, like some people have for purses or shoes....I get them every year from one of my pet sitting clients, and I couldn't be happier! I look forward to it and love seeing the different kinds they pick out every year! (Maybe I need to get a life? ) If they've seemed happy with them in the past, they might enjoy getting them again. I would!
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Why not take them out for dinner and talk about when you were kids? Just spending time with them and bringing up good memories can be a tonic like no other! Many folks that end up in retirement homes are forgotten. Perhaps you wil want ton include some of the forgotten seniors too and make it a little outing for everyone?
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I think that socks are a great idea. I am not old (yet) and a cousin gives me warm slippers every year, and I love those too. Do they have people come and visit? Would a tray of sweets and goodies to offer guests be appropriate? Like dried fruit, nuts, chocolate covered almonds, cookies, that sort of thing?
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Have you seen those poncho/blanket things? They look so cozy. I have seen them everywhare from fancy mall stores to Walgreen's.
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If they still read how about a couple of really good books? Books don't take up a lot of space and can be passed on to other friends. Or even audio books if their eyes can't take it. Or the "complete collection" of somebody or another's classical works? Beethoven or Mozart? Or Brahms lullabies.. everybody likes Brahms.
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A lovely musical snowglobe?
A gift basket of some sort?
A pretty Christmas-y/Wintery themed glass bowl thing with a lid, with seasonal candies like peppermints or fancy chocolate?? That's what I did a few times for people I whom I didn't know what to get. You can probably find some cute but nice little decorative bowls at the local dollar store (the ones I found at a dollar store looked more like the costed $5!! What a bargain ) .
A teddy bear?
A nice candle always goes good with any present you get.

Oh, and if you like to bake, some fresh homemade cookies are always very nice to give, and pretty much everyone loves them, and they are so yummy!

Well that's all I can really think of. Hope she has a nice Holiday, and you too!
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Originally Posted by sunnicat
Gift certificates? Books? Stationery?
...I support this! ...
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