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crystal litter?

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Ive seen a few posts mentioning crystal litter. What is the deal with it? Any advantages/disadvantages?
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i use crystal litter, in fact have been for about 2 years now. it's excellent, has NO smell and cleans up easy. my brand: freshmagic.

I'm not sure about price though, a lot of people cringe at the thought of paying a lot for this type of convenience.
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I've tried the crystals, wanting something to cut down on dust and smell. One refused to go in there, I guess he didn't like the texture. The other cat liked them just fine, too much actually. He started eating the crystals! So that didn't work out for me. I found the cost off-putting too.
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I can see how cats who never got used to crystals would hate them. I gave bags away as try-outs to friends, and they all said the cats were just not getting used to the litter.

One thing you have to remember, is to make sure you rake the crystals after a cat pees to make sure the crystals are absorbing the pee and it's just not sitting at the bottom of the pan in already 'filled up' crystals. second, you have to make sure to get round crystals, they're most natural to cats, the 'chunky' variety is much harder for them to get used to.

my marsh was raised at the breeder on crystal litter, so he doesn't know any other type, which makes it very easy for me to just maintain what he already knows.
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