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Going Away

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I will be going away for about 2 days, and am not sure if I can have someone watch my 5 month old kitten. I plan to leave out extra dry food, and extra bowls of water (or buy one of those kitty water dispensers) ... will this be alright to leave cat alone...or is it imperative that I should try to make it back within a day?
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I would either get back or have someone check on the little tike.. that is very young to be left alone(imho)
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when meowser was about that age, I would have to leave some weekends. I would leave out plenty of extra food and water and he was fine. (very clingy and happy to see me when I got back). Then I got munch a couple months later. I left the 2 of them alone for 24 hours and came back to no food, no water, and torn up items around the apartment. I don't know why but the two of them combined seemed to inhale all the extra food and water, and then go on a destructive spree. I'm going out of town for the holidays this weekend (first time since the last debacle) and have gotten a neighbor to come feed and water the kitties (don't want anymore experiences like last time).
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Yea. My only reason for this being ok is that I left her in a room before for a day and a half and everything was ok. She's also pretty tame for a kitten...she's not really once to go running through stuff and knocking stuff down. Though, I have to get reppellant or something since I'm won't be here to scream at her when she chews on wires (occassionaly).

Seems like it's ok for a single cat. Too bad to hear of your outcome with TWO! It only takes one wrotten apple to ruin the good.
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