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How wonderful I wish you both the best !
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Dear Jill, I´m a bit late to your wonderful thread!
Our best wishes to you and Hubby for this new way to live now!
the best of all luckies to you!!!
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Wow, congratulations! I wish you both years and years of happiness together.
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Congratulations!! Just make sure you have several official copies of your marriage certificate. My credit card company actually wanted a copy mailed to them. Make sure you change the info with your employer on your W2's. Also, order some nifty sticky address labels with you and your husband's name on it, I did this and was so excited when I got them.. hehe.. ok, you don't have to do the last one, but it is really fun sticking them to letters and such with my new last name!!!! It just seems so official that way, plus it makes filling out thank you cards so much easier when you have to address them.
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Oh wow Jill!! What happy news!! CONGRATULATIONS!!
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Thanks!! That's the order I was kind of thinking, and also with payroll. I think on Christmas Day I might actually have time to fill out the SS paper work and email my bank and ask if I need to mail something, then find a time some how to go and do the drivers license... maybe I'll see if I can do it by mail!!

Originally Posted by sashacat421

In order of importance and weight:

change your ssn card to reflect your new surname
change your driver's license
change your bank statement

that's all you need. Technically you do not have to "change" anything by the end of the year because the marriage certificate dated and signed at this date in 2005 is proof to the IRS and that is all you need to claim married and get your deductions before 12/31 and any other financial breaks that being married will give you. But get the social security status changed as that's kind of the "master status" for everything.

If you have a living will, then change that to reflect the power of attorney for your husband, if you so desire. That's so important in an emergency!

Have a wonderful marriage!!!
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Originally Posted by Hydroaxe
Wow, Jilly, that's quite the surprise! I must have missed your post on Tuesday. Congratulations! What are you two doing next?

We're going to Disney World!!! NOT! Just living life day to day as before... Working and Breathing! Can't afford to go anywhere or really do anything. Though we are going to Meijers tonight! It's all good though.

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I am sooooo happy for you!!!
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Thanks EVERYONE!!!! I am waiting to get some copies of the pictures from his parents and mine as my friend who took some with our camera took all of 10 pics.. when I told here there really was 2000 she could take to just shoot away!! Anyhoo, we have one really nice one of us afterwards with the license all filled out and everything!.. Maybe I'll be able to post that! I really do like all of the advice that everyone is giving that is exactly what I needed to know, any more would be greatly appreciated! Oh!!! Would I also have to change it at the Post Office since I have a PO Box as well? Yeah probably!!! Geez I've got to make a list. Ok, off to take him shopping then back to work in the early AM!!! Definatly will write more this weekend!

Thanks again ALL!!!

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You would just need to inform the Post Office that you might begin to recieve mail with your new last name as well. So you would have your maiden name and new married name on file with them. You wouldn't change it over entirely. That way if mail came in with your old name on it, they would know where it went!
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You have to mail in your marriage license and wait to get it back before you can change anything. First you do your SS card then your license and everything else.
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We got a copy that night. They give you three when you apply and one is ours right then! Michigan must be a little different that way. And what is really really tippy is that in Michigan now the bride and groom don't even have to sign it any more!!! Wierd!
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