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I got married!

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Ok, I slightly mentioned it that I was getting married on Tuesday, in a very quick, very small, very casual wedding. Well, we did it! Me, him, his parents, my dad and his wife, my boss and her husband, and two of my friends. It was very nice. He even surprised me with a ring of my own! (we had rings given to us by my boss) Pulled it out when it came to that part and WHOO!! was I shocked. It's just a plain band but it was very unexpected! Ok, don't want to really toot my own horn anymore, I am just excited. So, are there any recently newly married couples that could tell me which order I have to change my name on everything? And do I have to rush to try and get everyone finished by the end of the year?

Thanks for any info in advance!

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Wow, congratulations, Jill!
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Wow, congrats! What a great Christmas present! I don't think you need to change your name immediately...after all, if you had planned the wedding, you might still be on your honeymoon!

I am very happy for you. DH and I discussed doing the same, just a quick ceremony. He was worried that my people (my kids) and his people (his parents) wouldn't handle it well!

You should plan a special vacation together, for a honeymoon.
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What wonderfull news Congrats...
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Congratulations, Jill!
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In order of importance and weight:

change your ssn card to reflect your new surname
change your driver's license
change your bank statement

that's all you need. Technically you do not have to "change" anything by the end of the year because the marriage certificate dated and signed at this date in 2005 is proof to the IRS and that is all you need to claim married and get your deductions before 12/31 and any other financial breaks that being married will give you. But get the social security status changed as that's kind of the "master status" for everything.

If you have a living will, then change that to reflect the power of attorney for your husband, if you so desire. That's so important in an emergency!

Have a wonderful marriage!!!
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Wow, Jilly, that's quite the surprise! I must have missed your post on Tuesday. Congratulations! What are you two doing next?
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that sure is quite a surprise!!! I wasnt expecting that at all...


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Congratulations, Jill!!

That really was a surprise! Sounds like you did in it just the way you wanted!! Congratulations again!
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Where are the photos?
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YAY FOR YOU!!! I think that's very cool
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And the surprise of the year goes to... JILL!!!

Congratulations to you both . I wish you a lifetime of happiness. Now let us see some PICTURES!
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
If you have a living will, then change that to reflect the power of attorney for your husband, if you so desire. That's so important in an emergency!
This is a good idea...but not entirely neccisary right up front. The spouce has medical power of attorney by default.

The more important thing is that you HAVE a living will, in some states, they will take everything that is not willed to someone. My boyfriend and I have our possesions willed to each other, cars, household furnishings, etc. In the state of Texas, if I die, and don't have my stuff willed to someone, it all goes to the state. AHK!
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Wowie!!!!!!!! Congratulations...that's really wonderful!!!! I wish you both the very very VERY best!!!
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Congratulations Jill
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Congratulations Jill!

It's very important to change your name with Social Security. I forgot to do this and they would not give me my tax refund until I did.
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WOW!!! What a big surprise Jill!

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Congratulations, Jill!!!
Best wishes to both of you!!

In addition to the changes the others discussed, you'll also have to notify any creditors of the change. I just wrote up a blanked letter and took a copy of my marriage license, and sent a copy of those two things with my next round of statements. Most companies won't make a name change without a request in writing, anyway, so calling all of them is a waste of time.

Just a minor clarification on some things mentioned earlier...a living will is different document than a will. A will lists who will recieve your assets when you die. A living will covers what will happen with your health care should something happen that makes you unable to make those decisions for yourself. It usually designates someone to make those decisions if you are unable to, and gives any directives such as you don't want to be kept alive on life support. Though both situations are uncomfortable to think about, both documents are very important to have.
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Woo-Hooooooooo!!! Congratulations, Jill!!!

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Congratulations Jill. It sounds like wonderful intimate ceremony.

You also need to make sure that you change any beneficiaries on insurance policies. If you're employed, update all of the dependents and beneficiaries there too.
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Congratulations, Jill!! What a wonderful surprise!!
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let me add mine, too - Congratulations! hope y'all have a wonderful life together
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May you and your husband have a long life full of wedded bliss.
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Congratulations!!..my best wishes to you and your new hubby!
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Yay!! Congratulations!
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