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Christmas came early!

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It has been a rough week over here so Mike presented these early- They are estate rings and antique and quite lovely. opals and emeralds and emeralds and diamonds. I guess I will keep him around for another year or so They are on the wrong hand, but it was the only way I could take a photo of them.

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Oh they are gorgeous!!! He's deffinatley a keeper! I love Opals! What a fantastic Christmas present! Can Mike talk to my DH? (Just kidding, DH has bought me plenty of lovely gems!)
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Wow, they are beautiful! Lucky you!! Yeah, he's good for something, huh ? A Merry Christmas to you!
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That's wonderful, MA. They are beautiful.
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OOooohhh!! I love the one on your pinky, very nice!!!
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OOOOOOOH someone must have been a good girl then very nice I love them both he has very good taste hope you both have a lovely Christmas.
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Wow, what a great husband! Those are both just stunning!
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They are beautiful! I love emeralds myself!
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What lovely rings. Your hubby sure has good taste. Hes a keeper for sure! have a wonderfull holiday.
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Very pretty!
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They are beautiful!
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The only question is, why did Mike wait so long? Just kidding Mary Anne! They look really nice and it was so thoughtful of Mike.
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wow, they are really pretty, I like the emerald one the most myself, I agree, he DEFINATLY is a keeper, you wont need to leave jewellers catalogues around as hints for him as some women have too! lol.
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How beautiful, Mary Anne! That was so sweet of Mike! Whenever you get tired of them, you know you can pass them on to me since we have the same birth stone!
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Oh their gorgeous MA Oh hey i think opal is my birthstone as well!
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veeery pretty!!
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Those are gorgeous! I'm sorry you have been having a rough week.
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Beautiful and fantastic dear MA!
Congratulations and Marry Chritsmas from Mรฉxico to you and Mike!
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What a wonderful Christmas gift, M.A.. I love rings, especially "old" ones. I'm glad to hear that Mike is spoiling you.
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Lovely, MA! What a sweetie is your Mike.
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