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I think I need help

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I am a new cat owner and hope I can get some advice from here. I know that going through this forum is not like actually visiting a vet, but today is Easter and hopefully someone can give me advice. I was given a Siamese cat Friday, brought her home and after hiding a bit she came out and ate some and almost played. I have finches and somehow she got scared and ran to my bedroom and hid under the bed. She stayed there all Friday night and Saturday. I finally got her out and she will lie around the apartment as long as it is quiet but won't eat or drink. I can't even say she has used the litter box. A little additional information about Tally, she was fixed on Thursday and picked up from the vet on Friday. Am I doing something wrong? Of course I will call the vet first thing Monday, but any advice I can get now would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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I went through the same thing with my cat Fallon. She was scared of everything and I'm sure it had a lot to do with the fact that she lived the first year and a half at the vet office in a cage. When I brought her home I set up a little space for her in my computer room complete with her food and water bowls, a couple toys along with a scratching post and her litter box.

The first week she hid behind the scratching post and I never saw her come out. At night she'd come out and pick at her food but in the morning she'd be back behind the scratching post. I gave her time and was very patient with her and mostly left her be. Slowly after the first week she'd come out when I was around but if I made any sudden movements she's d hide again.

I'd say it took her about 2 months to fully come out and interact with me but still if I moved too quick she'd hide. Then I moved her into my boyfriend's house where she repeated this over again but it didn't take as long because she bonded with our other cat Xavier quickly and they became a tag team.(Note, I'm not suggested a other cat I'm just telling her story.)

Fallon loves people's attention now and is second to running the house. Although if there is a loud noise made or you move too quickly she'll bolt for the stairs or hide in the other room but comes out right after.

I'd say for now give Tally time and understand she's in a new and scary place for her. Some cats adjust to their surroundings quickly where as some need more time. Just be patient with her and she's sure to come around. Good luck and let us know how it goes.:tounge2:
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Hi granny,

I moved your thread over to the Behavior forum, where it may get a little more attention. Good luck and Happy Easter.
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Tally just needs time to adjust to everything and it does take some time. Just be patient with her and make sure she has food and water even if you have to push it under the bed. She has probably found an alternative place to potty, but once she adjusts to you she will more than likely use the litter box. She sounds like she might of been either feral (wild) or just neglected. A vet check is always a good idea for any new critter though. You can try playing classical music in the room she is in on a really low volumne, that usually soothes them right out.
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My Siamese got spayed last Friday. The vet's office called Sunday and said she should be drinking and eating a bit by then. I have found that my Siamese cats really love their owners, but can hide as long as necessary if any one else comes. They make friends with strangers only after that person has been coming to the house for quite a while. That is my experience with my cats and their kittens. I have never had such affectionate and intelligent cats as these. Be patient. Keep goodies handy, and watch for her drinking and using the litter box. Those are things the vet will want to know.
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