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It's ok, he can blame it on me!

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I called my sweetie earlier to see if he needed anything while I was going right by his job. I asked him what he was doing, and he said he was feeding a kitten that had wandered up. "Oh, darn, I wasn't going to let that slip, I guess we'll have another darn cat." I had not even said a word. I get there, and he is outside in the cold petting the cutest little fuzzy kitty. I petted him for a minute, and he asked what I wanted to do. I waffled for a second, the he starts talking about how cold it is going to get, and how close to the road the shop is, and how he had been peeking in the window to come in, so I said we could put him in the shed for the night until we found something to do with him. My big tough guy scoops kitty up, hands him to me, and says to his coworker, "see I told you she would find an excuse to take him home."
Kitty was very well behaved on the way home, and is now installed in my bathroom until I figure out what I am going to do with another cat! He has not been out very long, his coat is still nice and clean, and his little paws are baby soft. I am praying that I found somebody's baby, and can return him to his family by Christmas. He has been well cared for, so somebody loved him.
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Awww! I hope you find his owners! I'm glad he was found and is safe!
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Poor kitty. I hope he does have someone who loves him and wants him back. Good on you for looking after him!
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He is soooo sweet. I went to visit with him, and all he wanted was to be held and give me kitty loves. I WILL NOT GET ATTATCHED!!!
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Yeah right Sounds to me like someone christmas present ran away. Hope you find out where he belongs to- or that you just decide to keep him. He sounds darling!
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He's not an orange boy, is he? If he is, you're doomed Rebecca! Doomed to a life of kitty loves, that is!
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Awww, I bet he's just precious....any pictures?!
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No, he is not orange, but a brown tabby, with a white ruff and toes. He has a medium length coat, and a big, fluffy tail. We have him in the computer room with us, and he is all over us. He crawled right up on the computer, then in to my s/o's lap, and demanded to be petted, then he moved on to me. His feet are large, and we checked to see if he had the usual number of toes, I asked if he had any extras, he meowed like he was answering a question. It was so funny. He is really endearing himself, the little stinker.
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Merry Christmas, early! How sweet of him to save the little kitty, then blame you for being a softie!
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I am so mad at him right now! He wanted to get on the keyboard, but I kept setting him down from it. He was on my lap, and when I tried to keep him from goin back to the keyboard, he wrapped around my arm and started rabbit kicking. I have 3 big red gashes down my arm, scratches all over my hand, and a massage appontment a 8 a.m. I hope the paper can run my ad starting tomorrow! He's a cutie, but not tht *&^% cute.
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Aww! he sounds adorable!
Thats what you get if you dont let him do what he wants to do!

Teufel decided to go back to his old ways and attack me out of the blue, he scratched my hand and its like a jesus Cross.
My mum thinks its realy funny.
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He has really made himself at home here. He likes to be combed, and does not mind having his paws handled. He really needs his claws clipped, but I have not tried that yet. He kneads a lot, and is shredding us. We have been calling him Bubba for now, we will probably give him another name if he stays. Maybe something from a Christmas story.
I have not been able to reach the shelters or rescue groups here yet, but will try tomorrow. I am beginning to like him, but would really like to see him reunited with his family if he has one. It seems like someone has taken up some time with him, he is very sociable and fairly well mannered. He loves fur mousies.
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Name him Flick! Remember the line in A Christmas Story..."Has anyone seen...Flick?" Cuz, you know, Flick was missing, and kitty is my point missing? Um, yeah. Probably. Or, there's always...Fra-jee-lay....
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