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Originally Posted by Python
To feel my little elderly cat Lucy curled up on me at night, purring in my ear after so nearly losing her to illness a couple of weeks ago

Our Christmas present money went to pay her vet bill so we have no pressies under the tree this year as to cap it all, I was working in a temporary job which should have ended yesterday. The firm ended my contract a week and a half early so I have no money coming in until I can get another job and that won't be until mid January and my husband is in a very poorly paid job

However, we are all still together and we hope we'll have Lucy for a long time yet. Every day with her is Christmas Day. I love her dearly and when I look into her eyes, I see pure love reflected back. I'd shift heaven and earth for her
Bless your wonderful heart.
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I can't imagine my life without my Limerick. Today he urled up on my tummy while I was watching a movie with the fam. He love his mommy and I love him
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I think of this thread everytime I have Cindy in my lap now. One of the ways I often express this unquantifiable thing to her is "I love you whoooooooooooooole bunches!"
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you can never love a cat too much
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(((abigail)) That's so cool! I am also in love with my cats.
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I love our "boys" so much...(even though they are pretty naughty sometimes)...that I have a hard time thinking about a time when they might be without me...or I without them. So I try not to think about which way it may be....it just hurts my heart too much.
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Originally Posted by laureen227
as much as you love your children. mine ARE my children!

I never knew I could love them as much as I do. I love them more and more each day; they truly are the best thing to ever happen to me. I can't imagine life without them.
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Originally Posted by Abigail
its only been less than a month that I have had her but I am absolutely in love with this cat. Now I know why people consider a pet part of the family. Her personality and mine are perfect for each other and I really look forward to our together time. She seems so attuned to my mood and me to hers. I wonder if it sounds pathetic but I haven't been this much in love since I first married. ( apologies to my wonderful husband. )
That's exactly how I feel about my Cupid! We just fit so perfectly together. I didn't realize how different he was until I was around other cats. I truly think we're soul-mates! (Not in the traditional sense, of course.) It really makes me angry when people don't get it, or mock my love for him. Like one time I told my friend that I go to this forum and she laughed and said "you have issues." Yeah, my issue is that I love my cat more than anything in the world.
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This is such a beautiful thread. The love all of you have for your cats makes me smile and warms my heart.

It's hard to put into words how much I love mine. They bring so much joy to my life with their sweet purrsonalities and quirky behavior. This may sound silly, but sometimes I look at them and think, "I have everything."
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