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DT-Easter Sunday!

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So, how's everyone's Easter Sunday going?? I have a dinner to go to tonight in Oakville(about 45 minutes from Brantford)at my boyfriend's family's Easter dinner. The joy of meeting new relatives in the family!! It'll be interesting. There will be a lot of people there. And a lot of food!! MMMM, ham. It's good stuff. And my parents called me, woke me up at 10:00am this morning to say HAPPY EASTER! and that there is stuff at the house for me and Jeff. Sunny, cool day. I think I'll go for a short walk before breakfast. Have a great day everyone!!
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Hi, Falling Rain! Happy Easter to our Christian members, and happy family day to all of you. Falling Rain, I know my ignorance is showing, but where is Brantford? The U.S., the U.K.? I'm expecting my son and his family after church to look for Bunny treats, and the rest of us will be having dinner here later. It's a beautiful day, regardless of the weather! Have you seen any bunny tracks around your houses?
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What a beautiful day that God has given us! The sun is out - and the air is crisp. I am feeling content today. I have Goldie here next to me with her kits and the other critters are all napping. My son was accepted into college with the official letter yesterday! (proud mom here) and an old friend TLK is on the boards.......
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Happy Easter!!!!!

I was planning on going to church this morning, but I just didn't feel very well, so I decided to wait and go next sunday.

We are having easter dinner at my mother-in-laws house.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!
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oops, just replied to the other daily thread. I don't have time to merge them right now, deb, could you do it? I have to go in just a couple minutes!!
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Slept 'til 9:30. Oooh, that felt good! TWO chocolate bunnies, for me (solid, not those mostly-air hollow ones)! Bill cooked breakfast and is, now, baking cookies. Opie, of course, is still in bed. This morning, almost, makes up for having to work, this evening. Happy Easter! :flower:
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Its noon and Opie just got out of bed. He's acquired a new toy. I have two tiny (3") stuffed rabbits, on a living room shelf. One is pink, one blue. Opie found them, a couple of days ago and keeps stealing the blue one and dragging it around the house. Bill and I keep putting it back and Opie keeps grabbing it. I guess, I'll just have to let him keep it. Maybe, Opie wants an Easter present, too. I got two chocolate bunnies and Bill got a chocolate race car. Guess Opie felt left out. Gotta love that goofy cat!
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Just wanted to say Happy Easter to all of you!
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Jeanie: Brantford is in Ontario, Canada. Home of Wayne Gretzsky...sp...(hockey player) And your ignorance was not showing there!! Say a city from the U.S. or anywhere and see if I can guess where it is located! I should specify Canada after Brantford really!
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Lovely day. Good time, happy kid, and I love my (extended)family.

Hope everyone else had a good day.
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Sunlion, I'm so glad you had a good day! Thus, the healing begins, just one day at a time.
Falling Rain, thanks for letting us know about Brantford. My cousins live in Toronto, and I spent my honeymoon in Ontario. One of my uncles from Scotland settled in Canada. The last name is Kerr, a rather common Scottish name. If Brantford is near Toronto, you might even know someone related to me. Fat chance-but possible.
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Actually Jeanie, Brantford is about an hour and a half south from Toronto. I've been there a lot. Many times just to shop for the day! What are your cousins first names?? HAHAHA!! Yah right! I know a Caroline Kerr here in Brantford, but that's about it!
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