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Need some suggestions as to DaddyCat's behavior. For the last three and a half years, DaddyCat has refused to come near me. He will not even stay on the porch if I come out of the house to feed or water.

However, lately (within the past two weeks) he has been on the porch with me, literally screaming at me. Meowing so loud and demanding. I don't see any signs of sickness, no runny eyes, no sneezing, no runny nose, no bleeding that I noticed, no lumps or bumps, no foaming at the mouth, but of course, he won't stay still to let me handle him. I thought that maybe he saw me petting the others and wants to get in on the fun, but I am more concerned that perhaps he is sick with something to cause such a total reversal of personality.

I can't trap anymore, someone else is using the trap I had (big one) and my own trap is too small.

Any suggestions, anyone?
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Is he neutered?
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If you left your door open do you think he would come inside? He really sounds like a vet visit is in order. His name made me think he was a tomcat.
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Has he had rabies vacs? And is he current on them? Be careful
trapping if his behavior is that odd...
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Sorry for the confusion Hissy. DaddyCat is the father of my feral family. The whole family has been spayed and neutered. He would not come near my door if his life depended on it, and I managed to trap him once (to get him neutered), he won't come near me if I have something in my hands.

I am worried about rabies. It just seems so odd that for all this time he simply refused to have anything to do with me, now he'll come between two and three feet away, crying and meowing very loudly, almost like he's warning me off.

He still looks healthy, but I know that is deceiving. I've got a headache.
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