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nuring on people

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Our kiten still trys to nurse on us. Not just the pawing thing he trys to get milk but sucking on our shirts, pants, and even the blanket we cover up on. Is this still ok? We didnt find him very young, after he was abondoned by him mother in a local high school paqrking lot. what does everyone thing?
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Some cats will do this - my Ellie does and other TCs members also report it in some kittens/cats. Often it means htey have been taken from their mothers too young, or have lost thier moms, but not always. ellie hasn't grown out of and she is 18 months old now.
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thank you. We were just wondering about it.
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It is just like some humans-my brother sucked his thumb in his sleep until high school. My mother was able to get him to stop doing it while awake when he was about 7, but the habit persisted in his sleep. My aunt's cat Peggy sucked fuzzy sweaters and flannel pajamas until she died, and she lived to about 18.
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I've seen it before. Max tried to nurse a couple of times after we brought him home (his mother weaned them late). I had a coworker who's sisters cat would try to nurse on a giant teddy bear whenever the baby cried.

She'll probably grow out of it
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Little Pete does it... only to me.... EVERYDAY!

I'm a first time cat owner, so at first I was a bit confused, but my vet and numerous people here assured me it is not uncommon. And it's not unusual for the cat to continue into adulthood.

I've actually learned to love it. Its a show of affection and I love knowing Little Pete is so comfortable with me. He purrs like CRAZY when he does it and his eyes are shut so tight, its absolutely adorable!!

He only does it to my upper arm, kneading and sucking (my shirt usually comes out wet). If my arm is covered by a blanket he will push his head in there like a battering ram until he's able to grab a bit of the shirt.
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I used to have this one kitty that would CONSTANTLY suck on our bathroom rug. You know the shaggy kind? He would nurse that thing like there was no tomarrow. It soon became his favorite place to sleep. So then it became "his" carpet. He slept on it. So we moved it to a better spot, and he loved it.

He just didnt get enough mommy time when he was a baby. ANd the carpet replaced it. It's pretty wierd, some people were like "what is your cat doing?" LOL, but we explained, and then it became cute.
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