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Cats haven't let me sleep.

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Ozzrael bangs on the bedroom door at night wanting either food or to come in and get warm. The latter would not be a problem if I could leave the door open for her, but Squeaker tends to play with anything he can find which is never quiet. This means the door cannot be left open. I can let Ozzy in, but she bangs to get out soon enough. I am well trained by the cats by now and get up every hour or so to open doors or just feed them to end the noise. I can't get a nights rest because of the door pounding, what can I do? Any suggestions?
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One of my cat does the same thing and the habit seems to be hard to break. What I do is if she cries to come in, I give her some cat treats or play with her for 5 minutes, then go back to bed. Brushing your cat if it likes that is good too. After I feed her or play with her, she usually settles down and goes back to sleep, and then after 5 minutes I can start to fall asleep too.
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I do the opposite if the kitty is meowing and scratching at my bedroom door. I turn on a fan and just ignore her.

She got the message after a few nights of us not paying attention to her jumping on the door/doorknob Now she only lets out a couple of mews and she goes to her bed!
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Read this thread, specificaly Hissy's advice about using a vacuum.
That has got to be the best idea ever.
Hope it helps,

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My friend had this same problem, she put a cat door in her bedroom door and also her bathroom door.
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