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Sensitive Hindquarters

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My overweight cat is having a strange reaction when I scratch her back by her tail. It seems to be very sensitive to her and she starts licking the air puts her ears back. It obviously affects her. I have radiator heat and wonder if it is too dry. Could it be arthritis, she's only 3 y.o.?! I have had other cats who react this way but didn't pay much attention to it.
I don't want her in pain!
Any ideas? Is this normal?
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No, she probably has a hypersensitive spot (like a tickle spot). It doesn't hurt her, but it probably feels weird - so she reacts.

My overweight female Shebs has had one all her life... If I find the spot
near her tail and scratch it, she will begin compulsively nibbling on her
foreleg/paw! Sort of cute. The vet told me it is a normal reaction for
some cats - like a reflex that is hypersensitive.

that's probably what you are seeing in your cat. I think! Based on your
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I agree...dont worry about it...for years I have pushed the "cleaning button" right by the back of Blueberry's tail on her spine...whenever I scratch it, she immediately starts to groom herself..it is hysterical to watch and the little children in my family get quite a kick out of it because they literally think there is a cleaning button there
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Thank you for replying! I'm glad to know it is fairly common. The reactions of your cats sounds similar to mine. I just don't know why it seems to have "suddenly" appeared!
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I've had several female cats that developed that same sensitive spot after they were spayed. . . and for several of them it appeared painful or at least annoying (and often resulted in a swift swipe to the unsuspecting petter).

I've been told (but it may just have been made up by someone) that female cat anatomy is such that there is a nerve in that area that can easily get nicked when they are spayed.

I've also wondered if maybe petting in that spot, which is a trigger spot associated with being mounted, might cause a tickling or painful sensation in some spayed females because they no longer have the right hormones or equipment.

Now that I've made it painfully obvious that I am no vet and know very little about physical sciences, does anyone else have any thoughts or comments?
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