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With all that's happening in Israel and Palestine is there any word of Anne?? Stuff's getting pretty scary over there.
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Anne posted in the mod lounge today. With everything going on over there she hasn't had much time to check in. She's got a lot on her plate right now, but did check in to say that she's ok.
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Thanks AP. Glad to hear it.
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I'm glad to hear that Anne is ok .....
It seems to be getting worse & worse every day over there I wish they (the Palestinians) would just knock it off and agree to peace. It's not fair that people are losing their lives over a battle over whatevery they are fighting for.
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I'm glad to hear that Anne and her family are ok. Everytime I hear of another bombing in Israel, it makes me think of Anne and I hope that she is ok.
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Poor Anne! I hope everyone in her family will get through this safely. It would be nice if there could actually be peace in the Middle East for a change.
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Where exactly in Israel is Anne? How close is she to the violence?? Seems like the Israelis have moved their forces into Bethlehem now I doubt their will be any peace if this keeps going on ... Hopefully, someday they can come to some sort of an agreement???
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