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Animal abuse- I need help

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Hey there.
My friend told me today that her boyfriend has gone out of town for two weeks. He has a half bob half domestic cat. He left the cat in the garage for these two weeks with food and water (but how is the cat supposed to ration itself for two weeks??) one liter box (apparently is not cleaned) and no light. I am freaking out. I went ballistic on her and insisted we go over to the house to get the cat, but she said his house is all locked up. I have no idea what to do but I am soo furious and so scared for the cat who is said to be such a sweetie and a lover. I feel the need to call animal services, but I don't have actual evidence, it's just what my friend has told me. Who do I call? What do i do??? PLEASE HELP!!!
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It's just heresay at this point, but it sounds like you should verify what information you can and call animal services for advice.
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I agree with Ryan. I would check to see if this is the case and then call Animal Services. Your friend's boyfriend, whilst a little foolish, probably does not understand the situation properly and doesn't realise that this is NOT what you do when you leave town. He may well think that he's provided perfectly well for this animal (goodness knows why!).

I am all for reporting people to the authorities in the right situation, but you have a number of factors to consider here, and if the kitty is well looked after and loved in general, then you may need to approach it in a different way.
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I would call the police non-emergency line and ask what I should do. If that cat has eaten his food and/or dumped over his water bowl, he will be starving and dehydrated. If you get no help from the police non-emergency line, call Animal Control. If you get no help from Animal Control, call your local newspapers. I'll bet you get some action there.
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I would definitely put in a call to the police (non-emergency) who can direct you to the best people. While you do not have any evidence, it doesn't hurt to put in a call and have it checked out by professionals. They do not frown on 'possible animal-abuse' tips (I'm a bit addicted to Animal Cops on the Animal Planet channel ). If they go and find nothing, good.. no harm done. But if this is happening, I wouldn't delay in having it checked out.
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