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hummm... my first two years I was in a very small christian high school( 325 students with jr and senior high) .... that group was ecletic .. a dancer a writer a joker and me the biologist and a few others that cant be grouped...

Then I moved half way accross country ( my choice) to a public school of 2300 kids ... I was in another electic group but spent as much time alone as I could... suprisingly my teachers knew me way better than the small school... I wish now I had listened a bit better
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How to describe myself in high school...I was weird. But in a good way! I had a small group of friends, we were the ones who hadn't fit in, in each of our grade schools. We just sort of found one another when we got to high school! I was an honor student and got good grades, but you wouldn't have known it to look at me LOL, as I dressed in ripped jeans and Led Zeppelin concert shirts and moccasin boots. Everyone was convinced I was a pothead, but I really was a goody two shoes under all that!
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I was the girl everyone made fun of. It was that way all thru school. I had a few friends but have lost contact with all of them. I never dated and never went to a prom. At the senior banquet, one guy asked me to dance but in the middle of the song, when it turned to a slow dance, he left me standing in the middle of the floor. I was a good student, but not a brainy one.

The only reunion I went to is my 5th. That was to show off my hubby. They just had the 25th last year but I didnt go. I didnt even get an invitation even tho I have been at the same address for over 10 years. They had it 5 yrs ago so I do not know what the problem was. I could have contacted them but why bother. I wasn't interested in seeing anyone.

One thing at my 5th reunion. There was this one super popular girl that came up to me and apologised for the way she treated me. She stated that she actually wanted to be my friend, but bowed to pere pressure.
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I was a BAND GEEK! And a Project IDEA (our gifted program- a social label within itself)/bookworm/nerd kid, too!
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I was a band geek also! I was also really tall and big (5'10"/170 pounds). That was my label. I never really dated anyone from my high school because I guess they thought I didn't fit in there--kinda sad--but now when I look back on it--it's sorta funny!
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Hey, nobody answered my question!
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Originally Posted by joecool
Well, most of my eighth grade class is a smart as a softmore class, does that count as close enough?

I don't get the question. Sorry.
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Well, i'm not in high school. But, i would still like to post about my class in this thread.... even though i am still in eight grade. The above is my reasoning.
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come back to ths thread when youre done with school
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Originally Posted by fwan
come back to ths thread when youre done with school
Why? Just so i can hear the older fwan say "Ich bin stoltz auf dich"? That'd be creepy!
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Originally Posted by batgirl2good
I was quiet and shy and was teased and maed fun of for being "fat." (I was 4'11 and weighed 100 pounds...yeah, that's right--100 pounds." I developed anorexia and lost weight, but I was never accepted. Some people HATED me and my twin. They started a rumor that we were gay, since we were twins.
I find great satisfaction in hearing that some of the really popular girls are now obese, divorced, etc.

i was teased very badly too, i was called fat and ugly and one girl used to walk past and spit at me, plus two guys used to bully me a lot which was scary. i did have a non-group group too, they were all outcasts, geeks etc but i loved them.....having friends didn't stop people picking on me though generally i would just read a lot (still do) and try to stay out of their way....

on the plus side, i lost a lot of weight and i'm not so plain anymore , it used to be very satisfying to turn down guys from highschool plus, most of the girls who picked on me are in bad jobs, divorced etc....i feel soooo sorry for them too
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okay.....where are all the jocks? like the one's i see in every American movie....their hot lol
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I was friends with everyone in every clique. I didnt hang out with just one particular group. Everyone was cool with me and vice versa. When I see the most popular girls who were really snotty in the grocery stores and I just about die laughing because they would make fun of people in school who weren't in thier group because they were overweight, or didnt have name brand clothes and now they arent the greatest things!
I seen one girl who I loathed about 3 months ago. She was at least 250 (In high school she was about 110), long ratty hair, pushing a grocery cart with about 5 kids hanging off of it, all with runny noses and dirty faces, she was wearing flip-flops( this girl thought NIKE was generic!) with a fat slob of a man w/a beer gut and dirty t-shirt on, and she was PREGNANT!... GAWD I loved that! She walked up and was like "OMG ALYCIA!" I just looked at her with a confused expression and said "Do I know you?" She went on and on about how she was Homecoming queen and drove the Beamer and this and that... I simply looked her dead in the face and said "Oh thats right! You were the BH who made fun of my friends! Looks like daddy's money ran out didnt it?" and walked away.
I couldnt help myself. and it felt SO good!
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I had my own "clique". We were not the jocks/cheerleader clique, but I had a lot of good friends in high school. Everyone in my high school pretty much grew up together so pretty much everyone was nice to im pretty sure it was different for the guys but as far as us girls we got along.
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