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I have just aquired a blue cream himalayan registered female. I also have a flame point himmy. I wonder what kind of kittens they will have. I want to become a breeder eventually a cattery.ANY helpful info would be great.
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If you want to become a breeder you really should be doing a lot of research. Search the net for feline genetics and for info about breeding Persians. Here are a few links to get you started:








Good luck!
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I dont have time at the moment, but I will definatly get back to this post this weekend...
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Research and knowledge are your best bet. I am not a buff on the himmi's or persians. I am not real good at colors yet either. I do know that when you put a point and a bi-color together, it just depends on if there is pointed in the background of the bi-color. In order to get the points it needs to be a trait in both parents. I will say that the market for Himmi's and persians is very large and there is lots of competition. You have to make sure that both parents are very suitable for breeding. Then make sure that the kittens will meet the required standards. If you look at all the associations standards, certain colors have to have certain colored eyes. Responsable breeding calls for vaccinations and de worming prior to mating, a very clean enviroment, funds in the bank incase of a vet emergency, time and energy to socialize the kittens and proper pedigrees. Most of the breeders I associate with along with myself will tell you there is no money to be made. It takes a lot of time and money to properly care for all of them as well as showing them. In order to be in the competition, you need to get your cats out there so that people see that they are healthy and meet the standards. If I added up the cost of the vet,shows,food and litter it would be more than I have made on a whole litter of kittens. I decided to become a breeder because I wanted to see people who love the breed with a healthy,happy, well adjusted cat. If you have any specific questions, please ask. I am sure we can come up with an answer for you.
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