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Hello, Possible UTI???

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Today my kitty has started constantly going to the litterbox, and looking like she is going to pass but either nothing comes out or just a few drops? Could this be a UTI and what is the treatment that I can expect? I plan on calling the vet in the morning but, I am worried about her. This has never happened before. Also she doesn't seem to be in pain!
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Good call on getting your cat to the vet ASAP. Does indeed sound like a UTI.
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This article has some useful information.
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Yep and trust me, your cat is in pain. They mask it well. If you can swing it financially you should go to an ER vet tonight. With those symptoms your cat needs relief quickly.
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Unfortunately i can't afford the ER vet and even if i could. I am here by myself with my little girls who are sleeping! My Dh just recently deployed to Iraq. Thanks for the responses. I feel bad waiting, but I will be calling them first thing in the AM!

I just found this site by the way! Hope to get to know everyone!

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Any news on kitty?
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Well I took my kitty in and the Vet believes that she does indeed have a UTI, he gave her two shots one for anti-spasm and one antibiotics. Also pill antibiotics to take starting tommorrow. He said to start her on distilled water and urinary tract cat food. She already seems to be feeling better, much less trips to the litter box.

I also just adopted a new kitten and he also had a vet visit..he is in good health..YAY. I got him from the pound so I was scared that he would be positive for somthing! But he is good to go, he just needs a name!

It was kind of a chaotic visit, and I forgot to ask the vet if a UTI would cause my kitty to be drinking more water? Does anyone know the anwser to this? I will probably call the vet in the AM and ask but would like everyones opinion on this!

Thanks so much for the replies!
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A simple UTI should not cause your cat to drink more water. How old is she? The new UT cat food might be the cause of the increased water drinking but I would still talk to your vet about it. Sometimes infections in the bladder can ascend to the kidneys and send the kideys into failure. This is probably not the case but your vet should be aware nonetheless.
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